Skanska's flagship project is ready. Generation Park Y gets an occupancy permit

Press release 2/25/2021 9:30 AM CET

Generation Park Y, the tallest Skanska office building in this part of Europe, crowning the office complex located at Rondo Daszyńskiego in Warsaw, has just received the occupancy permit. This 140-meter-high building is the greenest skyscraper in the capital, offering futureproof, sustainable office spaces, innovative solutions, and an impressive view of the city. It will be the new headquarters of PZU Group providing workplaces for a few thousands of the company's employees.

25022021_Skanska Generation Park Y_fot. Piotr Ostrowski (1)

The main idea behind the Generation Park project was to create a workplace that would respond to the needs of employees of all generations - hence its name. The construction of the complex began in December 2015. Three years later, the construction of a 140-meter tower marked with the letter Y began. Today, more than 5 years after the project began, the occupancy permit for its last part was granted. It is the first Skanska skyscraper in Poland and the developer's highest office building in this part of Europe.

– Generation Park Y is the culmination of our largest project in Warsaw. We are delivering our flagship project and we are pleased that one of the most important Polish companies, PZU, is on board – says Arkadiusz Rudzki, Executive Vice President Leasing & Sales at Skanska commercial development business unit in the CEE. – The Generation Park complex and its commercial success to date confirm that our strategy of creating futureproof, healthy, and safe office spaces, taking into account both the needs of people and the natural environment, brings desired results. In times of uncertainty, we have managed to set a sure and stable path. It is extremely important from the point of view of tenants and investors – adds Arkadiusz Rudzki.

– The new headquarters of the PZU Group is primarily an investment in our employees. Generation Park Y meets the highest standards in terms of conditions, comfort, and safety of their work. It is also a barrier-free building that can be fully used by people with disabilities. Ecological issues are also very important to us, we want to reduce the carbon footprint of our organization and support environmentally friendly solutions, also in the architecture. Therefore, moving to the greenest office building in Warsaw will be a natural step for us - says Dorota Macieja, PZU Życie board member, responsible for the real estate area in the PZU Group.

Top-quality innovative and sustainable solutions

– Generation Park Y is one of the best examples of our approach to creating innovative, sustainable, and safe workspaces – says Rafał Stoparczyk, Project Director at Skanska office unit in Poland. – Employees will have at their disposal six double-height sky-offices. In addition to the unique space, they, along with the terrace, will offer a fantastic view of Warsaw. The office building will have double-deck elevators with two crane cabins in one shaft, which facilitates vertical transport in high-rise buildings. The building will also be equipped with the Connected by Skanska. It is an integrated platform that not only links intelligent technologies but also connects people with the workplace. It facilitates the management of building functions, such as parking, access control, or virtual reception.

There is a reason why Generation Park Y is considered the most sustainable building in Warsaw. The skyscraper is applying for the demanding WELL Core&Shell certificate, which checks the building’s impact on the health and well-being of employees, as well as for the Platinum LEED and the Building without Barriers certificates. The latter means that people with different needs (such as parents with small children or people with disabilities) can move around the building and use it without any restrictions.

The completed buildings of the complex are surrounded by a green concrete pavement which, thanks to its catalytic properties, reduces the level of smog in the air. It also has self-cleaning properties, which occur during rainfall. This technology will also be used on the public square between buildings X, Y, and Z. This carefully arranged space will be a new meeting place and will emphasize the metropolitan feel of Rondo Daszyńskiego - an area that is changing at a dizzying pace, consistently building its position as the business hub of Warsaw.

Greenery and a great location

Almost at the very top of the building, on the 35th floor, employees will have access to a terrace filled with plants, from which they will be able to admire the panorama of the capital. Beehives will be placed on the roof of the office building, and in the lobby, there will be a huge 300 sq m wall, which, thanks to the glass façade, will also be visible from the outside. Between the buildings of the complex, there will be pergolas covered with plants, with greenery planted on its roofs. It will be an additional space that will allow you to work outdoors, but also enjoy a moment of relaxation, creating a friendly atmosphere in this area.

At Rondo Daszyńskiego there is a subway station, as well as tram and bus stops. Warsaw’s Fast City Railway station is also located nearby. Good connection with other parts of the city makes it easier to come to work by bike - in Generation Park there are 187 spaces for bicycles. However, if employees want to drive to work, there are over 300 parking spaces located on four underground floors of the building. All of them are equipped with sockets for charging electric vehicles.

Generation Park Y: key facts and figures

  • Total leasable area of the complex: 88,000 sqm GLA
  • Total leasable area of the Y building: 47 600 sqm GLA
  • Number of floors: 37 above-ground and 4 underground
  • Number of parking spaces: 325 + 187 for bicycles
  • Certificates: LEED Platinum, WELL, Building without Barriers
  • Architectural design: JEMS Architekci

The general contractor of the building is Skanska S.A

Last updated: 8/22/2017