Architecture, details and functionality constitute key points of focus for Skanska during the construction of the Nowy Rynek com

Press release 4/26/2021 12:30 PM CET

Nowy Rynek is a multifunctional complex developed by Skanska in the capital of the Wielkopolska Region. The construction of the first phase started in the summer of 2017 and less than a month ago the Swedish developer began the erection of another building, marked with the letter E, which will complete the newly emerging quarter of the city. It will provide approx. 28,500 sqm of modern and healthy office space, while a meticulously designed market square located inside the complex will create a space for the residents of Poznan to rest and relax.

Nowy Rynek E

Nowy Rynek is a multi-stage project with various functionalities with a total usable area over 100,000 sqm. Skanska is developing this project with a view to provide residents new urban space, while preserving the historical character of the place. The company invited several of the best architectural studios in Poland to cooperate in the design of individual buildings and the public space of the entire complex. The urbanistic design, i.e. the overall land development concept and the design of the E building, were prepared by the JEMS Architekci studio. The concept refers to the history of Poznan at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when the city experienced dynamic territorial expansion. In turn, the development of internal spaces within the complex was entrusted to the local studio Ultra Architects.

– Nowy Rynek is the largest and at the same time our first project of this type in Poland. The complex covers an area of 3,8 ha and is realized on the plot formerly occupied by the long-distance bus terminal, located at the intersection of the most important arterial roads, in the heart of a dynamically developing part of the city, surrounded by parks and historic buildings of the Wilda district. We know how important this part of Poznan is for the residents, therefore the project was created taking into account their expectations and with a view to restoring this valuable neighborhood of the capital city of the Wielkopolska Region – says Konrad Ziejewski, Project Manager at Skanska office unit, responsible for the latest phase of the Nowy Rynek project. – With the completion of building E, residents will also gain a new place to meet, relax and spend their free time in a public square inside the complex – adds Konrad Ziejewski.

Building with a view

The newest building marked with the letter E will provide approx. 28,500 sqm of modern and healthy office space confirmed by the most demanding environmental certificates. The office building has already received the highest platinum-level LEED pre-certificate and will also apply for WELL Core&Shell certification. This is a multi-criteria evaluation system for office spaces focusing on sustainable solutions and the needs of their future users. Phase E of the Nowy Rynek complex will be distinguished by a partially covered terrace, shielded with a three-story façade, located on the top floor of the building. There will be greenery, amphitheater platforms, and some small architecture for active leisure and a moment of relaxation. It will also provide an opportunity to admire the panoramic cityscape view of the Wielkopolska capital. The inner walls of the terrace will be covered with a graphic depiction of the charms of Poznan. The commissioning of the building is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.

– The urbanistic concept of Nowy Rynek is built around the central area, which shall be another city market on the map of Poznan. On the one hand, the buildings form the frontage of the complex, and on the other, they open up viewpoints connecting its space with the surrounding area – says Marcin Citko, architect from JEMS Architekci studio. – According to the architectural assumptions, due to its location at the intersection of two main streets, the E building will become the main point of reference identifying Nowy Rynek in the city space. For this reason, it was important to emphasize its height,, while maintaining the proper scale of the entire complex in relation with the neighboring buildings. This effect was achieved by covering the technical stories located above the office space with a uniform façade along the entire altitude of the building and a fan-shaped opening of the lowest stories – adds Marcin Citko.

The façade is designed in such a way so that the outer walls could provide the users with a lot of daylight inside the building, as well as broad views of the outside while reducing the negative impact of the climate. It allows for more rational management of the building's energy management. Glass surfaces have been limited to the necessary minimum, and in places of less importance for the inner aesthetics they were replaced with opaque planes with better thermal and acoustic insulation, as compared to glazed walls. This solution improves energy efficiency and thus reduces the operational carbon footprint of the building. The shape of the coffering that makes up the façade is slightly “contorted” – the line of the external wall bends towards the inside at the axes of the window openings, which additionally makes the whole building look slimmer.

Brand new space

Nowy Rynek will provide the city an additional space that combines modernity with the history of the place where it is being erected. Thanks to the market square inside the complex the residents of Poznan will gain a new place for meetings and leisure filled with greenery, abounding in trees, displaying well-conceived small architecture and a fountain. Some pergolas have also been planned as part of land development. All those amenities will bring the space to life. In addition, the complex will offer various services, such as a gym, a kindergarten, a canteen with live cooking, a household appliances showroom and a medical care center. The part of the square not covered with greenery will be made of special, photo-catalytic concrete in order to reduce the concentration of harmful nitrogen oxides from vehicles.

– While designing the public space for the Nowy Rynek project, we took a closer look at our city, checking which areas in Poznan work best, i.e. attract the greatest number of residents. In our opinion, these are places with a lot of greenery that offer spots to sit and lie down on. Just have a look at the crowds spending warm days by the Warta River, in front of the Polish Theater or in the park next to Stary Browar shopping mall – explains Marcin Kościuch, architect and co-owner of Ultra Architects studio. – Therefore, the first design solution was to introduce as many lawns, shrubs and trees as possible among the Nowy Rynek buildings and to complete them with playgrounds and space for recreation and relaxation. This also applies to the market square itself. It will be mostly covered with softly-shaped islands of green, deliberately contrasting with the surrounding buildings, offering places to sit on specially designed benches, directly on the grass or under the trees. In the south-eastern part of the square we designed a fountain which could be set up a small ice rink in wintertime. Several poles will stand between the islands, connected by loosely hanging steel cables holding up the lamps – adds Marcin Kościuch.

Nowy Rynek: key facts and figures

  • Total leasable are in building E: approx. 28,500 sqm, in a whole complex: over 100,000 sqm.
  • Number of overground / underground storeys: 15/1
  • Certificates that building E will apply for: LEED Core&Shell (pre-certificate already received), WELL Core&Shell, Building without Barriers.
  • General contractor: Skanska S.A
  • Author of the architectural design of the E building: JEMS Architekci.
Last updated: 8/22/2017