The school bell will ring in Centrum Południe. International IPS Upper Secondary school moves into the office complex

Press release 9/23/2021 9:00 AM CET

Centrum Południe, a Skanska project in Wrocław, has another tenant from the education sector – the international IPS school. It is the only educational establishment in Wrocław authorized by two world-recognized educational organizations: IB (International Baccalaureate) and Cambridge Assessment International Education. IPS will open a high school in Centrum Południe. It will cover 1,400 sqm of innovative and sustainable space. The school will starting September 2022. Earlier, another educational establishment – Coventry University – moved into the Skanska office building.

Centrum Południe

­­IPS is an international school that has been operating in Wrocław since 2011. It offers high quality education based on the highest teaching standards with a holistic approach to student development. So far, young Wrocław residents could attend IPS kindergarten, primary school and music school. Now its offer is expanding – in September 2022, IPS will open a high school located on two floors. The establishment itself, as well as its broad educational offer, will be fully adapted to the challenges posed to young people by the best universities in the world and today’s labor market. In this unique high school, classes will be taught only in English and students will prepare for the British Cambridge IGCSE and A-Level exams, as well as for the Polish secondary school final examinations.


“Working with IPS has been an extraordinary process during which we have learned together how to adapt space for an educational establishment. We have responded to these requirements by creating safe and innovative space for a school full of ambitious talents. It is another proof that Centrum Południe is a place tailored to the needs of tenants from different industries and sectors,” said Karolina Jamróz, Leasing Manager at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE.

“Our teachers wanted a location for the IPS Upper Secondary campus, which, in addition to modern and technologically advanced space, would also provide our students with the opportunity to interact with highly qualified specialists in the field of university education and business. A traditional school building would not offer the opportunities provided by Centrum Południe,” said Magdalena Dobrzańska-Frasyniuk, IPS, President of the Board.

Green education, comfortable and healthy solutions

Centrum Południe is a multi-stage project which will ultimately offer 85,000 sqm of office, retail and service space. The first phase of the investment, providing 27,600 sqm of space where IPS will open its school, was completed in July 2020. The second phase (21,500 sqm) is planned to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Green solutions used in Centrum Południe can inspire and encourage students to take care of their surroundings on a daily basis. The buildings of the office complex are 100% powered with energy produced by wind farms. Inside, there are energy-saving and water reuse solutions. The courtyard and pavement next to Centrum Południe are made of green concrete which absorbs harmful smog. Indoor comfort is improved by adiabatic humidifiers and a ventilation system that provides 30% more fresh air than it is recommended for office buildings.

Teachers and students will use virtual access cards to enter the school and common areas of the building. Those who will go to school on their bicycles will also be satisfied – Centrum Południe offers extensive infrastructure for bike lovers: cycle racks, an additional elevator, a repair station and bathrooms for cyclists.

Sustainable space open to all

Centrum Południe has recently received the prestigious LEED Core&Shell certification. This international multi-criteria building rating system confirms that Skanska’s project is sustainable, environmentally friendly and designed and built to the highest standards. LEED certification is related to such areas as energy savings, water efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions. The office complex has also received the ‘Building without Barriers’ certificate, which means that it is friendly and adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, seniors and families with children.

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