Brama Miasta gets sporty: Calypso Fitness club has opened in the office complex in Lodz

Press release 12/13/2021 11:21 AM CET

Another tenant has moved into Brama Miasta, Skanska’s flagship project in Nowe Centrum Łodzi. This time, it is a fitness club of a well-known Polish network. Calypso occupies 1,100 sqm on the first floor in Brama Miasta B. Residents of Lodz can now enjoy Calypso’s wide offer seven days a week.

Calypso Fitness Club Brama Miasta Łódź

– We are striving to systematically enrich the range of services available at Brama Miasta. We are very glad that Calypso Fitness has joined us and that our office building is being selected by such diverse tenants – says Paulina Strutyńska, Leasing Manager at Skanska commercial development business unit in CEE.

Calypso Fitness is the leader in the fitness market in Poland. The network currently consists of 50 clubs located in 23 cities. The members of the Calypso Fitness Club at Brama Miasta in Łódź can join group classes and enjoy air-conditioned training zones: functional, free weights, equipment, and cardio. They will also get personalized training plans and will be able to monitor their progress using Tanita’s BIA technology. This modern analyzer measures the level of body fat and muscle tissue, and it can indicate the metabolic age and body water percentage.

The Calypso Club is located on the first floor of the Brama Miasta B building.

– At our club in Brama Miasta, we are offering a real gem to our members: eco-friendly cardio equipment ECO-POWR. Part of the energy generated by an individual who is running or riding a stationary bike will be converted into pure electrical energy. It will then be circulated in the club and used to power other equipment, TVs or fridges – says Arkadiusz Rudnicki, Sports Director at Calypso Fitness.


Brama Miasta open to active people

The athletic atmosphere at Brama Miasta is complemented by its bicycle infrastructure. Except for bicycle stands, lockable lockers, showers and a repair station are available for cyclists.

The Brama Miasta complex offers a total of 40,800 sqm of net leasable area. Visitors to the office building are able to enjoy a public patio with the amphitheater stairs. So far, the venue hosted the TME Polówka 2020 Summer Film Festival and the Grand Press Photo 2021 photography exhibition. At the beginning of December, a Christmas tree has been placed between the Brama Miasta buildings. A fence was set up on the side of the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station, in cooperation with the Contur Creators Association, organizer of the International Festival of Comics and Games in Lodz – its shape was inspired by comic books.


Photo: Calypso Fitness Club press material

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