Skanska and ABSL join forces to develop and promote ESG

Press release 1/31/2022 9:21 AM CET

Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE has established strategic cooperation with the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) and assumed the function of ABSL’s program partner within the ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) area.


As part of the cooperation, Skanska’s commercial development business unit will carry out a number of activities supporting ABSL and its member companies in the field of ESG. By doing so it will help them analyze and reduce the impact on natural environment (E), operate in a socially responsible way (S) and implement corporate governance rules (G). The planned activities include a series of sustainability-focused online trainings and publications with Skanska’s experts and invited guests presenting inspiring and practical solutions from their business practice. Skanska will also conduct a survey among ABSL members to identify the needs in the field of ESG and their readiness to act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. ESG will also be the main theme of Skanska’s contribution to the largest meeting of companies operating in the business services sector in Poland – the ABSL Summit.

At Skanska Group, we have clearly defined sustainable development targets. By 2045, we will reach the net zero objective within our own operations and in our value chain, while by 2030 we will reduce our own carbon dioxide emissions by 70%. We feel responsible for the natural environment and are aware that the construction sector accounts for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. For years, we have been making every effort to undertake measurable actions for sustainable development. One of such examples is Skanska's prestigious accreditation according to the global Science Based Targets standard, which confirms the alignment of our goals with the global climate target of limiting the temperature increase to 1.5 Celsius degrees by 2050. Our partnership with ABSL gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with companies from the business services sector, learn from them and provide support in the pursuit of their own sustainable development goals, and thus in building a more friendly world. In order to achieve the goals set under the Paris Agreement, all market participants should act together - that is why knowledge exchange and education are so important, says Katarzyna Zawodna-Bijoch, President and CEO at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE.

ESG-related aspects are increasingly influencing business and investment decisions of companies and institutions. This is due not only to the growing awareness of sustainability and the environmental impact of business operations, but also to international ESG reporting requirements. The strategies of companies, regardless of their size, will be closely related to sustainable practices and cooperation with those entities that meet the requirements in terms of environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance.

ABSL's ambition is for the modern business services sector to develop in a sustainable and responsible way, taking into account the needs of future generations. ABSL’s analyses show that sustainable development is particularly visible when it comes to access to green offices, e-mobility and growing awareness of environmental issues. Hence, ESG factors have become very important as they drive the development of the economy and already have a large impact on investors' decisions. We appreciate Skanska's many years of experience and expertise in the field of green construction, safety and business ethics. It is a partner that will enrich our message and strengthen our activities in a key area for us, adds Agnieszka Orłowska, Vice-President ESG, ABSL.

Last updated: 8/22/2017