LEO Pharma is expanding in Wave. The company plans to create additional 125 workstations

Press release 2/3/2022 9:30 AM CET

LEO Pharma, an international pharmaceutical company, is expanding its Global Business Service Center in the Wave office building developed by Skanska. LEO Pharma will double the office space adding 1,800 sqm hence creating 125 new workstations in this innovative and sustainable building.   This confirms that offices still play a very important role in strategic business development. In the lease process, the company was advised by specialists from CBRE. 


LEO Pharma is a leader in medical dermatology with a strong research and development background and a wide range of treatments. Founded in 1908, the company has spent decades of research and development to set new standards in the care of patients suffering from skin diseases. LEO Pharma is headquartered in Denmark. Worldwide, the company currently employs 6,000 people serving 92 million patients in 130 countries.  


In the first quarter of 2021, the company leased 1,500 sqm of space on the tenth floor of Wave, where it launched its Global Business Service Center. Now it is adding another 1,800 sqm. As the operations continues to grow on the Polish market, the company is more than doubling the number of workstations from 100 to 225 to cater for the expected growth of several functions in 2022 – 2024.  


– It has almost been a year since we started our operation in Gdansk, and we have found the Global Business Service Center fit for purpose and truly meeting our expectations. This goes for the modern office space and certainly for a great and gifted team of new colleagues. As part of realizing our strategic ambitions we continue to build one of the most focused, efficient, and effective Service Center possible – with a goal of delivering best-in-class support for the business and our LEO Pharma colleagues. This includes building up capabilities and creating exciting development opportunities for our employees. Through 2022 – 2024, we will be increasing the number of full-time positions in our Global Business Service Center significantly, while introducing a range of new services to support our global operations. Gdansk and the Wave building, and office space truly support our development – says Klaas Venborg, Vice President, Global Business Service Center at LEO Pharma 


– We try to design and develop our offices in such a way that they fully meet the today’s needs of companies and help them develop their business. LEO Pharma leasing additional space does not only prove their trust in us, but also confirms that our strategy is working. We hope that the sustainable and futureproof space at Wave will help our partner successfully implement their plans on the local market – says Eliza Jamrozik, Leasing Negotiator at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE. 


While looking for a suitable location for LEO Pharma, we focused on the Wave building. One of the main selection criteria was the ESG aspect, which is close to both LEO Pharma, us as an advisor and the developer of the facility – Skanska. Wave is a project that integrates the community of users, positively influencing the immediate surroundings, meets very stringent standards in the field of air quality and lighting, focusing on the optimization of operating costs through media monitoring and low-emission devices. They are simply friendly places to work, increasing the efficiency of employees, perfectly fitting into our client's ESG strategy – says Mariusz Wiśniewski, Director | Head of Tricity Office CBRE. 


Green Wave with certificates 


Wave, located in Gdansk Oliwa, offers its tenants nearly 25,000 sqm of innovative, sustainable and fully safe office space. The Skanska investment was designed and implemented in accordance with the ESG principles, and its impact on the natural environment is lower than in similar buildings. Responsible management and conscious use of the facility saves over 40% of water. In turn, energy consumption can be reduced by as much as one-third. The building only uses electricity produced from renewable sources. There is also a shared mobility center, City Hub, which supports alternative means of transport and helps reduce car traffic in the area. 


The building has recently received the prestigious WELL Core & Shell certificate at the Gold level. This is the first such certification on the Tri-City market. WELL places great emphasis on proper ventilation and filtration of indoor air, maintaining proper humidity, water quality and adequate lighting. The solutions necessary to obtain the certificate ensure the physical and mental comfort of building users. The Wave office building also has LEED Core & Shell and WELL Health-Safety Rating certificates. The latter ensures that the office space in Wave is completely safe for tenants. 



Skanska’s office development business in Poland 


Skanska’s office development business unit in Poland is an innovative developer of green, futureproof office buildings. The company builds open, lively spaces where employees feel good. Skanska's office projects are certified in the LEED, WELL Core & Shell, and WELL Health-Safety Rating systems. The latter awards buildings that empower owners and operators to take the necessary steps in order to prioritize the health and safety of their tenants, visitors and other stakeholders. In addition, Skanska's new investments hold the "Building without Barriers" certificate, which proves that the buildings support various needs of their users – including those of individuals with disabilities or of parents with young children. Skanska has been operating the office development business in Poland since 1997 with presence on seven markets across the country: in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Łódź, Kraków, Katowice and the Tri-City.   


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