Skanska completes its flagship project in Krakow. The final High5ive building gets occupancy permit

Press release 3/17/2022 1:00 PM CET

With the fifth building of the High5ive complex in Krakow receiving its occupancy permit, the entire project is coming to an end. It has provided 70,000 sqm of innovative and sustainable office space to the local office market, radically changing the image of this part of Krakow. 


Construction on High5ive began in 2016. This investment, located in the heart of Krakow, next to the Main Railway Station, Galeria Krakowska and in the vicinity of universities, is an example of responsible office space design, taking into account the needs of the local community. The office buildings of "The Krakow Five" provided a total of 70,000 sqm of futureproof and sustainable space, currently used by 26 tenants. Among them are companies of international scale as well as companies that have entered the Polish market for the first time. There are also generally accessible areas that can be used by both office workers and local residents, including green zones with landscaping, great for relaxing and spending time together, a basketball court and an auditorium. There is an anti-smog pavement made of green concrete around the complex, which reduces compounds harmful to humans from car exhaust fumes, including nitrogen oxides in the city air. 

– High5ive is a unique project, not only in terms of an excellent location and access to key infrastructure, but also because we were able to create a completely new, functional space here. This place, previously undeveloped, has become the business heart of the capital of Lesser Poland. Our investment not only offered the highest quality offices, but also, which is very important to us, returned this part of the city to the inhabitants of Krakow – says Marcin Pędrak, Project Director at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE. 

A high five for High5ive 

The last, fifth building of High5ive (i.e. the third phase of the project) offers tenants over 11,000 sqm of space. Like the entire complex, it was created in accordance with the ESG criteria, as well as the highest standards and the most demanding certificates. The mental and physical health of its users, as well as reduction of environmental impact, were priorities for the investor. Over 35% of parking spaces will offer electric car charging. 

This is the first Skanska project in Krakow to apply for the prestigious WELL Core & Shell certificate, which evaluates 100 features of the building in terms of the quality of office space. All the solutions used, based on the requirements of this certificate, will help tenants in their daily duties and ensure their safety, as well as physical and mental comfort. The newly commissioned building is also applying for the LEED Platinum certificate and the "Building without Barriers" certificate of accessibility. 

The entire office space of the fifth building has already been leased, including by zooplus, Spyrosoft, and Business Link, a flexible office operator. All buildings of the complex have been sold to investors. The last of them was acquired by Stena Real Estate BV at the beginning of 2022. 

Benefits for Krakow residents 

Attractive space development and an anti-smog pavement are not the only projects by Skanska in Krakow that have been created with the residents in mind. Another example of this type is "Superścieżka" – a revitalized part of the city next to the Axis office building. Skanska organized and moderated discussions aimed at conceiving an idea for creating a more resident-friendly space. Workshops for the local community helped design and implement the first stage of "Superścieżka". The project involved city authorities, district council, NGO’s and space designers. It resulted in creating fountains and a children’s playground, as well as art – the "Wierszownik" sculpture designed by Szymon Ruszczewski and Aleksander Rokosz. 

A mural inspired by the works of Stanisław Lem was also created at High5ive. The project covers an area of ​​nearly 900 sqm and adorns the northern facade of Galeria Krakowska. 

Last updated: 8/22/2017