Skanska named an international leader in sustainability

Press release 5/25/2022 3:00 PM CET

The progress Skanska is making in achieving its carbon targets has gained international recognition as the company has been included in “Europe Climate Leaders 2022” list published by the Financial Times newspaper and Statista data insight firm.

Skanska | “Europe Climate Leaders 2022"

The second edition of the list presents over 400 European companies that have achieved the greatest reduction in their core* greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity over a five-year period. The listed companies were selected by the authors of this collation following a rigorous review of data from 4,000 organizations and actions they are taking to reduce the emissions.

A science-based target and significant reporting experience

By 2030, Skanska aims to reduce its own carbon emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 70 percent and its scope 3** emissions by 50 percent in its project development operations, to reach net-zero across our value chain by 2045. With 2015 being the reference year, to date the company has reduced its own carbon footprint by 46 percent.

Skanska’s climate target is accredited by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), which confirms that the company is contributing to achieving the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming at 1.5 Celsius degrees.

Skanska’s experience in sustainability reporting spans 25 years. It started in 1997 with disclosing information about its environmental impact in form of dedicated “Environmental reports” that evolved into “Sustainability reports”, covering environmental, social and corporate governance aspects, published between 2002 and 2018. Since 2019 sustainability is reported jointly with Skanska’s annual results in the company’s “Annual and sustainability report”, reflecting its strategic importance.

“At Skanska we have a long-term experience in taking measurable actions for sustainable development. ESG aspects are embedded in the full lifecycle of our projects – starting from considerations before the purchase of land, through selection of climate-smart building materials and design that includes circular economy rules, to installing environment and user-friendly fit-outs and ensuring efficient operations of the projects. Sustainability is part of Skanska’s strategy – it is one of enablers of greater value creation,” said Jacob Møller-Nielsen, Executive Vice President Center of Excellence at Skanska commercial development business in Central Eastern Europe.

Skanska’s office buildings are designed and built in accordance with ESG principles. The company develops office spaces that support health and safety of users and visitors, applies highest ethical standards, requiring the same from its subcontractors and suppliers, implements climate-smart solutions at each stage of the building lifecycle, contributes to the development of local communities and supports their needs. “By doing so, we’re working towards achieving our own sustainability aspirations and help our customers, tenants and investors, fulfil theirs,” adds Jacob Møller-Nielsen.  


*While using the term “core emissions” the authors of the list refer to Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. As defined by real estate research lab ThinkCo in their “Responsible investments. ESG in real estate” report, Scope 1 includes direct emissions, e.g., from buildings owned by an organization, whereas Scope 2 covers emissions indirectly caused by the organization’s operations, e.g., emissions from the generation of energy, heating, or cooling.
**As defined by real estate research lab ThinkCo in their “Responsible investments. ESG in real estate” report, Scope 3 includes all other (not included in Scope 1 and 2) emissions connected to the organization’s activities, e.g. caused by employee commutes.


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Skanska commercial development business unit is a leading office developer in the CEE and operates in four countries: Poland, Hungary, Romania, and the Czech Republic. It uses knowledge & foresight to shape the way people live, work, and connect. Together with our customers, partners, and the collective expertise of our teammates, we create future-proof and sustainable places and solutions that support healthy living beyond our lifetime. Skanska's office projects are certified in the LEED, WELL Core & Shell, and WELL Health-Safety Rating systems. In 2021, Skanska commercial development business unit in CEE sold office buildings for over EUR 362 million and leased 55,137 sqm of office space.  

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