Fifth High5ive building with LEED Core & Shell Platinum certificate

Press release 8/1/2022 10:09 AM CET

The office building belonging to the 3rd phase of the High5ive complex, Skanska's flagship office investment in Krakow, has just received the prestigious LEED certificate at the highest possible level - Platinum. This system verifies the building's impact on the natural environment, including in terms of energy and water consumption. The certification is also a confirmation that the solutions used in the office building reduce its carbon footprint.

High5ive Kraków

The last, fifth building of High5ive brought over 11,000 sqm of innovative and comfortable space to the Krakow office market. The investment is an example of the Swedish developer’s sustainable approach to designing and constructing buildings in accordance with the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) standards. Now this has been confirmed by the international LEED Core & Shell certificate at the highest, platinum level.

– At Skanska, we not only talk about the need to implement sustainable solutions, but we simply have them and develop them. This approach, reducing the impact of our office buildings on the natural environment, is appreciated by our tenants, investors and business partners - says Veronika Themerson, Environmental Director at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE. – This is the basis of Skanska's strategy to achieve climate neutrality in our value chain by 2045 – adds Veronika Themerson. 

Economical and well connected

LEED certification applies to solutions used both at the stage of erecting a building and its use. More than 1/5 of the materials used in the construction of the last phase of the Krakow High5ive were mixed with recycled products. The developer decided to use paints, adhesives and sealants with a low content of volatile organic compounds. The wood used for the construction of High5ive was FSC certified, which sets standards for responsible forest management.

With responsible management and conscious use of the building by tenants, as well as solutions such as a gray water recovery system (not dirty water, although not intended for drinking) and rainwater, the savings of drinking water can exceed even 86%. The vegetation outside the building has been divided into three zones, which are herbal, forest and sensory gardens. They do not require the use of tap water. The building uses intelligent LED lighting, which is not only durable, but - together with light sensors - also allows you to significantly reduce electricity consumption, which the building obtains 100% from renewable sources.

LEED also assesses the location of a given investment. High5ive is one of the best-connected office buildings in Krakow. It can be reached by bus, tram, car, bike or train. The building has over 40 parking spaces for charging electric cars, including 6 fast charging stations.

A new quality of Krakow’s office space

The last High5ive building is also applying for the prestigious WELL Core & Shell certificate. This system places great emphasis on people's mental and physical health and behaviour. It also takes into account the design or issues related to the use of the office building itself. Experts assessing the property focus on such matters as access to fresh, clean air, good water quality, adequate indoor lighting, temperature and acoustics. Tools, technologies and solutions that affect the health and well-being of employees are also analyzed.

The entire office and commercial space of the fifth building has already been leased. At the beginning of 2022, it was bought by Stena Real Estate BV.

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