Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska opens a new office in Poznan - a modern Shared Service Center located in the Nowy Rynek D building

Press release 8/30/2022 10:00 AM CET

Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska, a company of the Phoenix Contact Group, a global leader and innovator in the field of electrification, networking and automation, will move into the Nowy Rynek D building, developed by Skanska. The company will arrange its office in an innovative, sustainable and healthy area of nearly 1350 sqm. Colliers consultants participated in the leasing process. 

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Phoenix Contact is a company with nearly 100 years of experience, operating in more than a hundred countries around the world. Its Polish branch, Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska, was established in 1994 in Nowy Tomysl, and began its operations with a manual assembly of electrical engineering parts. For nearly 30 years, the company has developed rapidly into a modern and automated enterprise. Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska employs over 3300 people in its three branches: in New Tomysl, Poznan and Tarnobrzeg. It is one of the largest employers in the region. The company manufactures top-quality electrical engineering products and components for industrial automation used to control, connect and distribute power flow and data signals for almost every industry.

In 2019, the company opened a Design Office in Poznan – its second branch of the Machine Construction Department, where it comprehensively carries out machine design and construction projects, including assembly and commissioning. Now, in Poznan, the company will set up its Shared Service Center in the Nowy Rynek complex.

This is another major step forward step for our company. The establishment of Shared Service Center is a great honor we received from Phoenix Contact Group, but also a great responsibility, for which we are prepared – says Marcin Poznański, CEO of Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska. – In the Poznan office, we will provide technical and commercial support services for Phoenix Contact Group. Ultimately, over 130 people will be employed here, dedicated to 12 different service areas (e.g., Electromechanics, Electronics, Data Management, E-learning, Building Infrastructure Management, IT, Accounting, Controlling and Laboratory). For us, SSC means creating a professional support center to streamline business processes and increase their efficiency – adds Marcin Poznański.

Quite recently, in May, we reported on the sale of Nowy Rynek D, and today we can boast cooperation with another company that has chosen our offices. We find it to be the best confirmation that the building meets the highest expectations of both tenants and investors – says Małgorzata Wojtoń, Senior Leasing Manager at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE. – What distinguishes our development is its sustainable nature. Tenants can benefit from solutions that not only offer them the best working conditions but also reduce the impact of the office building on the environment. And today, this is a strong competitive advantage for many companies in the process of selecting a new headquarters, especially in the ESG context – adds Małgorzata Wojtoń.

We have been observing for a long time that there is growing interest among foreign companies from the BPO/SSC sector in locating business in Polish regional cities. Poznan is among the most attractive places, not only because of the supply of modern office space, but also because of access to qualified staff. I am convinced that Nowy Rynek D, which Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska has chosen for its headquarters, will meet the expectations of employees and create conditions for dynamic development of the company – says Sebastian Bedekier, Partner at Colliers, Regional Director in Poznan.

Green spot on the office map of Poznan

The Nowy Rynek D is part of a multifunctional complex of five buildings located in the center of Poznan, which will eventually offer over 100,000 sqm of modern, sustainable and healthy office and commercial space. The buildings are fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, parents with children, seniors and foreigners who do not speak Polish.

The Nowy Rynek D has received WELL Health-Safety Rating and Building without Barriers certificates, as well as, most recently, LEED Core & Shell certificate at the Platinum level, the highest possible. This system verifies a building's environmen­tal impact, including energy or water consumption. The certification is also a confirma­tion that the solutions used in the office building reduce its carbon footprint. Moreover, the project applies for the certification under the WELL Core & Shell standard, which assesses a building's impact on the physical and mental well-being of its users.

The building has innovative solutions, such as low-speed ventilation, chilled beams and a free cooling system, which provide better thermal comfort, cleaner air and quiet operation of equipment. The office building also features smart LED lighting, as well as a gray water and rainwater recovery system, i.e. tools that enable a significant reduction in energy and water consumption. The sidewalks around the office building are made of a special type of concrete that purifies the air of harmful substances such as nitrogen oxide (NOx).

Once the entire office complex is commissioned, tenants and residents of Poznan will be able to use the internal plaza as a place to meet and relax.

In early May 2022, the New Market D building was sold to Swedish company Eastnine AB for EUR 121 million.


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