Nowy Rynek E is nearly completed: a symbolic topping out was hung on the building

Press release 10/5/2022 11:00 AM CET

The construction of building E as part of the Nowy Rynek complex in Poznań began in April 2021. Now a symbolic topping out has been placed on the office building, which signifies the end of construction works. The building designed by the renowned JEMS Architekci studio will provide 28,500 sq m of sustainable, innovative office space to the Poznań market, designed in accordance with ESG standards. The commissioning is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.  

Nowy Rynek E_wiecha_01

Nowy Rynek is a project that will ultimately consist of 5 buildings, and its total usable area will be over 100,000 sqm. It is the largest investment by the Swedish developer in Poland. The complex is being built on an area of 3.8 hectares on the site of a former bus station. It is located at the intersection of the most important communication lines, in a dynamically developing part of the capital of Wielkopolska. 

An integral part of the city  

The city-forming nature of Nowy Rynek is emphasized not only by its scale, but also by the central square, connecting all the buildings of the complex, which employees and residents will be able to use after the opening of building E. As before, it is supposed to be a meeting place, but in a form that meets the expectations of modern users. Hence its new form – a park. The atmosphere of the square will be created by already grown trees, allowing everyone to enjoy the space immediately without waiting for the greenery to grow. The space under the tree crowns will be filled with low greenery and landscaping, emphasized by garden lighting. The square will also include a fountain that can be transformed into a small ice rink in winter, while square entrances will be flanked by two pergolas. In the larger area, located on the north side of the building, there will be brine graduation towers. 

- Building E is currently one of the most anticipated investments on the Poznań market. We are providing not only a new quality in terms of office space, but also an added value for the city itself and our immediate surroundings. Both employees and residents will be able to take full advantage of Nowy Rynek’s relaxation spaces and service infrastructure - says Konrad Ziejewski, Project Manager at Skanska Office Unit in Poland, and adds -  
The investment is an example of a combination of innovative solutions while maintaining the tradition and character of the place where it is being built 


Building E’s location at the intersection of two main streets means that it will be the defining building of the entire Nowy Rynek complex. Architects from the JEMS studio, mindful to incorporate it into its surroundings, emphasized the height of the office building with a fan-out spacing of the lowest floors and a homogeneous facade, while maintaining the scale of the entire complex and taking into account the heights of neighboring buildings. 

Sustainable from E to Z  

Like the other buildings in the complex, Nowy Rynek E was designed in accordance with ESG criteria. The office building will have a ventilation system with high-class filters that will provide up to 30% more fresh air. Adiabatic humidifiers will ensure proper humidity, while air conditioning will be provided through a chilled beam system, work quietly and guarantee a comfortable temperature and energy efficiency. LED lighting and its management system will help reduce energy consumption by up to half. Nowy Rynek will be powered by energy 100% produced from renewable sources. The office building will also use gray water, which is unfit for consumption but can be used, for example, for flushing toilets, thus saving the consumption of this increasingly valuable resource of our planet.  

Thanks to the appropriately designed façade, indoor space will have access to the maximum amount of natural light, and the entire building will be less exposed to external factors, thus enabling more rational management of energy. This means that the carbon footprint of Nowy Rynek E will be smaller.  

In the vicinity of Nowy Rynek E there will be 4,200 sqm of pavement neutralizing the level of pollutants in the air. Nearly 4,000 sqm of such pavement was previously laid by building D. It neutralizes the amount of pollution emitted by a car driving over 70,000 kilometers a year.  

Comfortable and forward-looking  

All employees using Nowy Rynek E will be able to take advantage of the extensive bicycle infrastructure, which consists of 160 parking spaces, changing rooms with showers and repair stations. There will also be 234 parking spaces available for drivers. The building will also include charging stations for electric cars.  

From the partially covered terrace on the top floor of the three-storey building you will be able to admire the panorama of the capital of Wielkopolska. Its internal walls will be covered with artistic graphics referring to Poznań. In addition to being a relaxation area, the terraces will also be a place to exercise at a specially prepared outdoor gym.  

The offices in the building will meet the requirements of the most important industry certificates, including LEED Platinum, WELL Core & Shell, WELL Health-Safety Rating and Building without Barriers. 

Skanska’s office development business in Poland    

Skanska’s office development business unit in Poland is an innovative developer of green, futureproof office buildings. The company builds open, lively spaces where employees feel good. Skanska's office projects are certified in the LEED, WELL Core & Shell, and WELL Health-Safety Rating systems. The latter awards buildings that empower owners and operators to take the necessary steps in order to prioritize the health and safety of their tenants, visitors and other stakeholders. In addition, Skanska's new investments hold the "Building without Barriers" certificate, which proves that the buildings support various needs of their users – including those of individuals with disabilities or of parents with young children. Skanska has been operating the office development business in Poland since 1997 with presence on seven markets across the country: in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Łódź, Kraków, Katowice and the Tri-City.     


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