Additional space for ROCKWOOL in Nowy Rynek D. The company will employ new staff in Poznan

Press release 11/30/2022 12:00 PM CET

ROCKWOOL, a manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality products for the construction sector, is expanding its office space in the Nowy Rynek D building, developed by Skanska in Poznan. The additional 900 sqm of sustainable and futureproof space, created in accordance with ESG principles, will allow the company to recruit 70 new employees. 


The ROCKWOOL Group is a global leader in the production of stone wool solutions. The Group’s first factory was established in 1937 in Hedehusene, Denmark. Over the years, ROCKWOOL has expanded its product portfolio and opened new factories and offices in various locations. The company began its operations in Poland in 1993. In 2016, the ROCKWOOL GBS competence center was opened in Poznan – the center provides comprehensive business support in finance, IT, research and development, engineering, purchasing, and marketing. 

In 2020, ROCKWOOL decided to lease modern and user-friendly space in Building D of the Nowy Rynek complex in Poznan. A competence center was established on the area of 6,000 sqm, enabling the employment of 400 specialists and managers. Now, the company has decided to lease additional 900 sqm, where additional 70 workplaces have been prepared. 

Skanska and ROCKWOOL have a long-standing relationship. It is not based only on leasing of the office space – ROCKWOOL is also a supplier of building materials used by Skanska, a construction company, in the development of office buildings. 

– This is already our fifth contract with Skanska – says Joanna Kaźmierczak, Office Manager at ROCKWOOL GBS. – The growth of the ROCKWOOL Group is accompanied by the expansion of our ROCKWOOL GBS office, which will involve new operational and technological functionalities related, for instance, to the areas of engineering and purchasing as well as research and development – comments Ewelina Płocieniczak, Director of the Center. The decision to lease additional space in the Nowy Rynek office building in Poznan came naturally – currently, our 400-employee personnel occupies the fifth and sixth floors of the building. Now, in response to our growth, we will also adopt part of the fourth floor – adds Ewelina Płocieniczak. 

We have begun our cooperation with ROCKWOOL in Poznan many years ago and developed it on the basis of shared positive experiences. ROCKWOOL’s lease of additional space in the office building we have developed is yet another proof of the trust placed in us by our business partners. It also further confirms that despite the recent changes in the work model, offices still play a very important role in the business development process – says Małgorzata Wojtoń, Senior Leasing Manager at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE. – Based on conversations with the clients, we can clearly state that the offices are still irreplaceable when it comes to interactions, teamwork and building organizational culture. The futureproof and sustainable spaces of Nowy Rynek will surely  allow our tenant to expand its business even more rapidly – adds Małgorzata Wojtoń. 

New quality on the Poznan office map 

Nowy Rynek D is a part of a multifunctional complex comprising five buildings, located in the center of Poznan. Ultimately, the complex will offer more than 100,000 sqm of modern, sustainable and healthy office and retail space. It is being developed in the place of a former bus station, thus bringing the area back to the use of the city and its residents. Nowy Rynek D has already received the WELL Health-Safety Rating and the Building without barriers certificates, as well as the LEED Core & Shell distinction at the highest possible level – Platinum. This system verifies the building’s environmental impact, e.g. in terms of energy and water consumption. The certification also confirms that the solutions used in the office building enable reducing its carbon footprint. The investment also aspires to obtain the WELL Core & Shell certification, which assesses the building’s impact on the physical and mental well-being of its users. 

Nowy Rynek D features innovative solutions, designed to improve the comfort of work, such as low-speed ventilation, chilled beams and a free cooling system, which ensure improved thermal comfort, cleaner air, and quiet operation of equipment. The office building also offers intelligent LED lighting, as well as a graywater and rainwater recovery systems – these are the tools that enable significant reduction of energy and water consumption. The pavements around the office building are made of a special type of concrete that cleans the air of harmful substances, such as nitrogen oxide (NOx). In addition, the entire building is powered by energy coming solely from renewable sources. 

Once the next building E is completed, both the tenants as well as all residents of Poznan will be able to meet and relax in the inner square, decorated with trees. The space around the trees them will be filled with low plants as well as elements of small architecture, highlighted by garden lighting. The square will also feature a fountain, which in winter can be transformed into a small ice rink. What is more, brine graduation towers will operate on the northern side of building E. 

Multi-award-winning investment 

Skanska’s investment has recently been recognized in important industry competitions. Building D has been awarded in the “Architectus civitatis nostrae” competition, organized by the Mayor of the City of Poznan. During the event, the building’s original architecture, sustainable solutions and responsible integration with the existing infrastructure were honored. Building D has also won in the “Best Certified Ecological Building” category in the national Green Building Awards competition, organized by the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC). 


Here you can watch a film showing the ROCKWOOL GBS office in building D of Nowy Rynek complex. 



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