Sustainable and economical as P180: Skanska’s Warsaw office building is now LEED Platinum®

Press release 3/21/2023 8:25 PM CET

Energy consumption reduced by nearly 48%, CO2 emissions lowered by more than 3,900 tones and almost 4 million liters of water saved per year – there is no better proof that an office building can be sustainable. Such savings are generated by Skanska’s P180 office building located in Warsaw, right next to the Wilanowska underground station. The investment has become LEED-certified on the Platinum level.

P180 lobby

The “Responsible Investments. ESG in Real Estate” report, prepared by ThinkCo in collaboration with, among others, Skanska, emphasizes the considerably high carbon footprint of the construction industry. In 2020, buildings in EU member states were responsible for about 40% of energy consumption and 36% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. This demonstrates the heavy responsibility of office building developers, who constantly need to look for new and improved solutions to reduce environmental impact.

– Since there is no planet B, we need to take care of the one on which we live – both for ourselves and for the future generations – says Monika Chacińska, Environmental Expert at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE. – Our P180 office building in Warsaw is the best proof that at Skanska, instead of only talking about sustainable innovations, we simply implement them.

P180 is now LEED Core & Shell Platinum®. This international building rating system is concerned with, among others, energy conservation and reduction of water use, which ultimately contributes to the limitation of carbon emissions. The rating system also takes into account the use of recycled, low-carbon materials and the access to alternative and public transportation.

The numbers speak for themselves

The technologies and solutions used in P180 allow for visibly lower consumption of resources.

  • Over the course of a year, the building uses as much as 47.9% less electricity, which constitutes the amount of energy consumed by LED bulbs working for 529 million hours.
  • At the same time, the 3,9 million liters of water saved in the building equals 390,000 laundry cycles or 31,000 baths.
  • The CO2 emissions of Skanska's investment are 3,969 tons lower, which is the equivalent of the pollution emitted by a medium-sized gasoline car that has traveled 21 million kilometers.

P180 was the first building in this part of Europe to be built using low-carbon concrete, the production of which requires about 42% CO2 less compared to standard concrete. The construction was also based on recycled materials and those purchased from local suppliers. Inside the building, the developer used wood with FSC certification, guaranteeing that this material comes from sustainably managed forests, as well as low‑carbon paints, adhesives and sealing agents.

Fully green

P180 is powered entirely by energy produced by wind turbines. The energy efficiency of the building is also supported by an innovative management system (BMS). The spaces intended for tenants are equipped with temperature control devices with a special marker in the form of a green leaf, indicating whether the temperature in a room is optimal in terms of energy consumption. As a result, employees of companies operating in P180 have a real impact on reducing emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Access to transportation, including alternative modes, is also a very important factor in terms of the LEED certification. P180 stands out in this regard – it is located right next to the Wilanowska metro station. In addition, there are numerous bus and tram stops nearby, and the office building can be easily reached by a bicycle, which allows to avoid further pollution.

The investment also features a pavement designed to reduce the level of pollutants present in the city air.

P180 was completed in September 2022. The building offers its tenants 32,000 sqm of healthy and futureproof office space.

Last updated: 8/22/2017