People create places. The international company ISS is investing in a new office in Gdansk Wave

Press release 6/21/2023 12:20 PM CET

The Wave building in Gdansk, developed by Skanska, was chosen by ISS as its third location in Poland. This leading, global workplace experience and facility management company is opening a new office for ISS Finance Service Centre (FSC) specialists. Its current and future employees will enjoy an office space complete with eco-friendly, innovative solutions supporting an inclusive work culture. Experts from Colliers participated in the lease process. 


ISS core business is integrated facilities services, operating in 30+ countries on all continents. Its range of services includes cleaning, catering, administrative and technical services, security, and strategic workplace management. Its more than 40,000 clients include office buildings, shopping centres, factories, airports, hotels, hospitals, and schools. The Gdansk centre will initially employ financial specialists with the possibility of future growth, joining the 350,000+ employed by ISS worldwide 

Along with managing financial processes, ISS will bring its sustainable business philosophy to Gdansk. Danish work culture is not only about hygge, which is well known in Poland, but also about safe working conditions, supporting gender, racial and religious diversity and reducing environmental impact by creating sustainable solutions for the ecosystem. The company focuses on internal migration and providing competitive salaries, with international mobility made possible thanks to the global scale of the company’s operations.  

– The launch of the ISS FSC in Gdansk is a massive undertaking. We plan to combine the competences of customer service and internal process experts and chose the Tricity because it has fantastic human resources potential. We need well-qualified specialists with varied skillsets, and we know that there will be no problem finding them in Pomerania – says Paweł Rowicki, Head of Shared Services Transformation, ISS.  

Safe and inclusive office 

The Tri-City attracts business with its broad talent base, attractive location and convenient connections with the rest of the country. We, on the other hand, provide work spaces of the highest quality, which help shape and develop our tenants' businesses and improve the productivity of people working in the building while ensuring their well-being. This is exactly what Wave's new tenant, ISS, wanted – says Eliza Jamrozik, Leasing Manager at Skanska Office Unit, and adds – Wave spaces were created with inclusiveness in mind. They are to ensure safety, comfort and efficiency of work for people with various needs, which is confirmed by the WELL and Building without Barriers certificates. 

– The Tri-City remains one of the most attractive regions in Poland for the development of the modern business services sector, as evidenced by the transaction in which we had the pleasure of advising ISS. We are delighted to welcome a tenant in Gdańsk that pays so much attention to employee well-being and inclusivity – the values that we also cherish. With its many environmentally friendly and innovative solutions implemented within the property, the Wave building was a perfect fit for the tenant’s needs. Another advantage of the building is also full freedom in space arrangement and very good transport links with the entire Tri-City, which will certainly be appreciated by employees – says Agnieszka Grzywaczewska, Transaction Manager, Colliers.  

Wave offers its tenants almost 25,000 sqm of innovative, sustainable and fully secure office space. The office building, as the first in the Tri-City, was awarded the prestigious WELL Core & Shell certificate at the Gold level. This standard analyzes over 100 building parameters, placing great emphasis on ensuring the mental and physical health of the people. It also takes into account the design or issues related to the use of the office building itself. Some of the analyzed features include: issues related to access to fresh, clean air, good quality water, adequate interior lighting and maintaining proper humidity, temperature and acoustics. Thanks to the implemented filters and ventilation systems, more air is pumped into the offices than required by standards and regulations. Wave users have at their disposal an individual temperature and light control system, while chilled beams ensure acoustic comfort. The building also has the Building without Barriers certificate, awarded to buildings adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, seniors and families with children. 

As well as sustainable and environmentally friendly 

In accordance with the philosophy and the assumed climate goals, Skanska has implemented solutions in Wave that are aimed at minimizing the impact of the investment on the natural environment. The building has obtained the LEED Core & Shell certificate at the highest level. The office building uses only energy produced in renewable sources and can use over 30% less electricity. Thanks to special fittings, with responsible management and conscious use of the facility by tenants, over 40% of water can be saved. 

The pavement outside the building on Grunwaldzka is made of special concrete, which reduces the amount of harmful substances in the air. There is also a shared mobility center, City Hub, which supports alternative means of transport and complements the extensive network of public transport connections in the vicinity of the office building. 




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Skanska’s office development business unit in Poland is an innovative developer of green, futureproof office buildings. The company builds open, lively spaces where employees feel good. Skanska's office projects are certified in the LEED, WELL Core & Shell, and WELL Health-Safety Rating systems. The latter awards buildings that empower owners and operators to take the necessary steps in order to prioritize the health and safety of their tenants, visitors and other stakeholders. In addition, Skanska's new investments hold the "Building without Barriers" certificate, which proves that the buildings support various needs of their users – including those of individuals with disabilities or of parents with young children. Skanska has been operating the office development business in Poland since 1997 with presence on seven markets across the country: in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Łódź, Kraków, Katowice and the Tri-City.        


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