Axxiome is moving into Centrum Południe: the international employer is looking for SAP ABAP and Java experts

Press release 7/31/2023 8:45 AM CET

Axxiome, a company offering IT solutions for the financial services industry, is moving its headquarters to Centrum Południe. The tenant will move into the new office in August of this year. In connection with the development of its business, the company also plans to hire new employees.

Centrum Południe_Wrocław

Axxiome is a global provider of financial services solutions with operations in Europe, North America and Latin America. Axxiome excels in combining traditional banking platforms with modern solutions and is considered a leader in digital transformation projects of the financial sector around the world.

The company's Polish offices are located in Wrocław and Opole. It employs managers in our market responsible for global departments in areas such as technology, products, IT system architecture, IT management, finance and HR.

- Axxiome wanted to create a friendly and modern workspace, well-connected with both the individual areas of Wrocław and the suburban area. Centrum Południe offers not only a great location, but also well-thought-out office and recreational space, built on solid ESG foundations - says Malwina Stefańska, Business Partner at Skanska commercial development business unit in CEE.

Modern office is the key to attracting new employees

When choosing the new office, Axxiome took into account the suggestions of employees regarding the space for work and rest. The space intended for the tenant is adapted to various working styles, enabling both working in silence and concentration, as well as organizing meetings or videoconferences. Spacious relaxation areas have also been arranged in the new office.

- At Axxiome, we understand how important good communication is. The office is our meeting place and command center, it facilitates cooperation and building relationships not only on a professional basis. At a time when many companies are reducing or giving up office space, Axxiome does not want to limit its employees' opportunities for direct cooperation and interaction. People are the most important for us - says Roman Florczyk, Managing Director of Axxiome Polska.

Along with moving the office to a new location, the company announced that it is currently looking for experienced German-speaking programmers in the areas of SAP ABAP and Java.

The highest sustainable development criteria

The Centrum Południe complex was developed in accordance with ESG standards and the most demanding environmental certificates, awarded to innovative and safe office spaces, which provide the highest quality and care for the health and well-being of employees.

The buildings feature numerous technologies that reduce their impact on the natural environment. They are fully powered by electricity produced by renewable sources. Energy-saving LED lighting has been used in public areas. There are solutions to reuse greywater and rainwater.

Rain gardens have also been established there to clean and humidify the air and increase water retention. During heavy rainfall, they are able to absorb 30-40% more water than the lawn. Such gardens also reduce the amount of rainwater flowing into the sewage system. Thanks to a properly selected layer of sand and gravel, the purity of underground and surface waters is improved. This is the culmination of social consultations and workshops carried out by Skanska with the House of Peace Foundation. The meetings were also attended by residents, the housing estate council, officials and city activists.

Last updated: 8/22/2017