Green square right next to the P180 office building. Puławska Street with a new recreational space for residents

Press release 9/14/2023 2:20 PM CET

Skanska has revitalized the area close to the P180 building, right next to the Wilanowska metro station. Employees working in the office building and local residents can now enjoy a recreational space full of greenery and architecture designed to suit everyone, including the youngest. This is yet another example of an investment developed with the local community in mind and in accordance with ESG principles, which at the same time complements the urban fabric of this part of Mokotów. 

P180, Warszawa

Diverse greenery, a playground, bicycle stations and small architecture intended for relaxation and meetings are only some of the solutions offered as part of the development of the area next to Skanska’s P180 office building. The developer has recently handed over the space to the Mokotów District Office, which will be responsible for the further maintenance of the area. 

– P180 creates a new quality within the area surrounding the Wilanowska metro station. We have made sure not only to provide sustainable and eco-friendly solutions both inside and outside the building, but also to design a place where people are eager to stay and spend time with family and friends. Thanks to this approach, P180 fits into the city’s policy and sets new standards for office building design in which placemaking plays a pivotal role – says Robert Ryś, project manager at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE. – This area had great potential, so we decided to add a recreational space for residents of the neighborhood to the already existing playground and skate park. And it has worked out very well. The space around P180 is bustling with life. What is more, the location has become a valuable stop for those traveling by subway or bicycle – adds Robert Ryś. 

Before starting the construction of the P180 office building, Skanska decontaminated the area, i.e. eliminated potentially harmful substances. In addition, a pavement reducing the level of pollutants present in the city air has been laid outside P180 from Domaniewska Street, and rich greenery has been planted in the vicinity of the building, including a flower meadow which serves as a unique hotel for insects. 

Place accessible to everyone 

The wide variety of means of transport that can be used to reach the P180 office building is undoubtedly one of its main advantages. A spacious parking lot is a major convenience for people who prefer private vehicles, while those who favor public transit can take advantage of the proximity of the Wilanowska metro station and travel comfortably, without traffic jams or parking problems. Meanwhile, the well-developed bicycle infrastructure allows twowheel enthusiasts to easily get to P180 by bicycle or scooter. 

The P180 office building is not only a well-connected space but also an example of paying attention to the accessibility for persons with disabilities, as evidenced by the “Building without barriers” certificate which has recently been awarded to this investment. For example, the publicly accessible area features marked paths for visually impaired and blind persons, and 1/3 of the benches have backrests and armrests. In addition, the building offers public restrooms as well as parking spaces for persons with disabilities – in the underground garage and outside the building. Both said amenities as well as other applied solutions have been designed with everyone’s needs in mind. 

Picnic to celebrate the opening of the newly developed space 

On 14 September, a picnic was held for the tenants of the office building and local residents to bid farewell to summer. The participants were provided with a number of attractions, including a food-truck zone, sports activities and a bicycle service with workshops. There were also activities with entertainers organized for the youngest children. 

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