EMAKO opens new offices: new workplaces in Centrum Południe

Press release 1/17/2024 10:00 AM CET

In Phase I of Centrum Południe, Skanska's largest office complex in Wrocław, a tenant with local roots, EMAKO, an e-commerce company operating in the field of home furnishings, has decided to lease over 700 sqm of space and has started recruiting new employees. 

Budynek Centrum Południe

EMAKO.pl is a well-known and popular e-commerce platform specialising in the home & lifestyle sector. It offers furniture, decoration, home textiles, storage accessories, kitchen and bathroom equipment as well as other home and garden accessories. The company based in Wroclaw also develops successfully on the European markets. In April 2024, EMAKO specialists will convert Business Link's flexible office space into a larger office in the building of the first phase of the Centrum Południe at Powstańców Śląskich Street. At the same time, the company is recruiting e-commerce and new technology enthusiasts. 

- We are already familiar with Centrum Południe through our successful cooperation with Business Link. The choice of a new and larger office space is a deliberate step on the way to the further development of EMAKO.pl. We have found the perfect environment for our team in one of the most prestigious office complexes in Wroclaw. An inspiring workplace promotes creativity and quality. These are the keys to development. This is why we want to continue our mission of providing exceptional products for our customers' homes, says Jan Golonka, CEO of EMAKO. 

- EMAKO becomes one of our tenants, a group of companies that values superior employee comfort and attention to their wellbeing, promoting daily relationships. It was our intention that the building should not only be a place of work. We have succeeded in creating a place where people want to stay, work and relax. It is also an example of an investment with a really low environmental impact, says Karolina Jamróz, Leasing Manager at at Skanska's commercial development business unit in CEE. 

Tenants focus on friendly office environment   

The space in the first and second phases of the complex has been filled with tenants who appreciate the potential of workplaces built to the highest ESG standards. Centrum Południe stands out not only for its central location, easy to reach by public transport, but also for using technologies that reduce environmental impact. Energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting and water recycling systems are used throughout the complex.  

The ESG criteria cover both the solutions that are environmentally friendly and also those that are aimed at the local community. Even before the construction started, Skanska had carefully analysed the social aspects of the investment, and had invited the neighbours for consultation. Pedestrians and cyclists, who can benefit from the bicycle infrastructure, have been taken into account. The buildings and their surroundings will be accessible to senior citizens, to persons with disabilities, to parents with little children, and to foreigners. Interesting landscaping and a public basketball court are also part of the complex. 

Last updated: 8/22/2017