LEED Core & Shell Platinum Certificate for the Poznań office building Nowy Rynek E – this is the highest rating for pro-enviro

Press release 2/21/2024 9:50 AM CET

Another office building in Nowy Rynek, developed by Skanska in the Wilda district of Poznań, has been awarded the highest rating in the international LEED certification system. This confirms that the Nowy Rynek E building stands out not only for its modern design, but also for the comprehensiveness of the solutions applied, which reduce its impact on the environment and at the same time increase the comfort of people working in it. 

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LEED is a well-known rating system for assessing investments in the global construction industry. It provides a framework for designing buildings that promote well-being and use natural resources sparingly.  

– Building E has been designed to ensure that the people who work in it feel comfortable and safe. We also took into account the needs of the city and its residents. And we have not forgotten the natural environment. We have done everything possible to ensure that our building has a minimal impact on it. And that means using solutions that not only meet, but exceed current standards – says Konrad Ziejewski, Project Director at Skanska’s commercial development unit in CEE. – The certificate we have just received is confirmation to both us and the city that this is an environmentally responsible investment – Konrad Ziejewski adds. 

The building uses technologies that reduce potable water consumption by up to 64%. The office building's infrastructure also allows for the collection of rainwater and grey water, which is water that has been used once and can be reused, for example, to flush toilets. Water-saving fixtures have been installed in tenants' rooms, ensuring that water consumption is controlled throughout the building. The building uses over 30% less energy thanks to solutions such as innovative LED lighting.   

More than a quarter of the materials used in the construction of the office building contained recycled content. These include concrete, steel, aluminium, glass, and insulation.   

Just as important is the location of the building itself – close to the old town and, most important, close to the main railway station, tram and bus stops and a network of cycle paths. This is extremely important in the context of LEED certification. It means that commuting to work has a significantly lower carbon footprint. And commuting by bike is even greener, so the building's well-organised bike infrastructure was praised in the assessment, including dedicated changing rooms with showers, bike parking and wide, purpose-built elevators that provide direct access to the building's underground levels from the outside.  

In addition to the certificate, Nowy Rynek E was also recognised by the jury of the PLGBC Green Building Awards. Last year, it was awarded a distinction in the 'Best Precertified Green Building' category. 

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Skanska’s office development business unit in Poland is an innovative developer of sustainable, future-focused office buildings. We’ve been operating in this market since 1997. We build open, lively spaces where employees feel good. Our office projects are certified in the LEED, WELL Core & Shell, and WELL Health-Safety Rating systems. The latter awards buildings that empower owners and operators to take the necessary steps in order to prioritize the health and safety of their tenants, visitors and other stakeholders. In addition, our new investments hold the "Building without Barriers" certificate, which proves that the buildings support various needs of their users – including those of individuals with disabilities or of parents with young children. We are present in seven markets across the country: in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Łódź, Kraków, Katowice and the Tri-City.   


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