Skanska became a GreenBuilding Partner of the European Commission for Atrium City

Press release 3/17/2009 12:00 AM CET

Skanska Property Poland announces that the office building Atrium City, a new A-class development in the very heart of Warsaw, is the first Polish commercial building to be awarded the GreenBuilding certificate by the European Commission.

GreenBuilding is a voluntary program of the European Commission which was launched in early 2005 in order to improve the use of potential energy savings in non-residential buildings. A certified building (the one, which is a program`s Partner) must meet the condition of at least 25% saving on energy against the energy norms in the given country.

Atrium City received the GreenBuilding certificate because of its energy efficiency and environmental-friendliness. The building has – according to calculations made by external consulting company ProBe – 32,5% lower consumption than is required by the Polish norms.

- We are very proud that Atrium City has been awarded the first GreenBuilding certificate in Poland. For many years, our focus has been on energy efficiency and optimizing of energy costs - said CEO of Skanska Property Poland Nicklas Lindberg. - And it is important to add that it does not mean any additional cost for the tenants but only saving on energy bills.

For more information about GreenBuilding Programme visit: http://www.eu-greenbuilding.org/

Low energy consumption is result of various technical solutions employed in the building like:

The balanced ratio of glassed and insulated parts contributes to the saving of energy costs. The building has a compact shape and thicker insulation has been used during the construction than is required by the norms. Much emphasis has been also put on air-tightness of building envelope.

Glazed facade with low thermal transmittance factor U-value Umin = 1,1 W/m2*K – for glazing and 1,41 W/m2*K for window - one of the lowest factors available on the market. - Aplication of facade and windows with low U factor, together with g factor for system glass on the level of 28%, decrease energy consumption for heating by 30% and for colling by 32%, which results in reduction of total energy consumption by 15% - said dr inż. Piotr Bartkiewicz from Warsaw University of Technology.

Efficient use of heat Heat recuperation system in Atrium City is an average 60%. Additionally, building HVAC system reuse air extracted from office space (which is clean enough) to heat atrium and garage floors. In this way, air can be used repeatedly, eliminating the need to heat up a garage. It`s the most efficient heat recuperation system to be used in an office building.

Lighting The sufficient share of natural light and use of more efficient lighting also contributes to higher overall efficiency of the building. Office lighting is mainly provided in the form of T5 type fluorescent tube fittings and fittings for compact fluorescent tubes. All lighting in the common areas is connected to the Building Management System and its intensity is adjusted according to time channels. Addtionally, it is all made of fully recyclable materials (aluminium, steel, glass).

Air conditioning Air conditioning system in the building is based on chilled beams. There are several of advantages of using this system: - low maintenance and operation costs - maintenance expenses are 90% lower than those for fan-coils (no movable parts, no filters replacements) - low air velocity (0,2 – 0,25 m/s) – lower amount of electricity required - very comfortable indoor climate conditions (good ventilation efficiency, unified temperature distribution, low air velocity) - low sound level < 27 dB - high system hygiene (no impurities deposit within devices).

Atrium City facts The fourteen level office building Atrium City constitutes the next stage of the highly successful Atrium complex developed by Skanska along Al. Jana Pawła in the city centre of Warsaw. The building, scheduled to be delivered in May 2009, will offer net rentable area of approximately 20square meters, of which more than 90% has been already leased. Skanska is planning for another two office buildings within the project. Atrium City has been designed by Kazimierski & Ryba architects. The project offer elegant and straightforward design solutions inspired by principles of modern Scandinavian architecture: quality materials, high technical standards, ample natural light to interior spaces and rational layouts and at the same time all aesthetically pleasing. The aim of Skanska is to contribute to sustainable development by using clever construction solutions, materials and processes. This effort is well documented by the fact that the company received the certification ISO 14001 already in 2000.

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