Krzysztof Andrulewicz becomes new president of Skanska S.A.

Press release 9/11/2009 12:00 AM CET

Krzysztof Andrulewicz has been appointed new president of Skanska S.A. Roman Wieczorek has been promoted to Senior Executive Team (SET) of Skanska Group in Stockholm.

Krzysztof Andrulewicz, Roman Wieczorek

Krzysztof Andrulewicz, previously a member of the Management Team of Skanska in Poland and director of General Construction Division, becomes new president of Skanska in Poland.

Roman Wieczorek, so far president of Skanska in Poland, becomes executive vice president of Skanska Group in Stockholm, effective from January 1, 2010. He will be responsible for Skanska activities in Poland and the Czech Republic, as well Skanska’s development in Central Europe.

Co-author of changes - Krzysztof Andrulewicz has a long experience in the construction sector and - what’s extremely important – in Skanska. For the last few years he has been successfully managing Skanska activities in general construction sector. He’s also the co-author of all strategic changes in Skanska Poland during the last few years. That’s why I’m sure that Skanska in Poland will continue to develop – says Roman Wieczorek.

- Managing of such a company means a great satisfaction, but also responsibility. I’m driven by the awareness that I will be managing the company which employees are not only committed to their work, but can also derive fun and satisfaction from what they are doing — says Krzysztof Andrulewicz.

- Our sector is not an easy one, even when the market is at the peak. Today it’s a big challenge to keep the leading position in such a tough market. However, it’s much easier for us thanks to Skanska advantages. With the order backlog at PLN 5.7 bn and prospects for signing new, big projects I’m optimistic about the current and next years — adds Krzysztof Andrulewicz.

Effectiveness of the team Roman Wieczorek has been president of Skanska in Poland since 2005. Before that he was a member of the Management Team and played a key role in the successful reorganization process of Skanska in Poland.

- My promotion to Skanska SET is a great honor, but also a very important evaluation of our activities in Poland made by Skanska Board of Directors and SET. For me, it’s another proof that the efficiency depends not only on good strategy, but also on the determination of the whole team. I’m very happy and privileged to be able to work with people understanding that fact — stresses Roman Wieczorek.

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