Safety Week 2009 at Skanska sites

Press release 9/10/2009 12:00 AM CET

On Monday, September 14th Safety Week will start all over Skanska. The event’s purpose is to focus on importance of health and safety at our sites as well as to engage our people in safety-related actions. We want everyone to understand how important is health and safety in our industry and that it mostly depends on ourselves.

Tydzien Bezpieczenstwa 2009

Skanska, as the leader of Polish construction market, is focusing on providing safe work environment at all its sites. We are constantly working on rising safety standards and we take up a lot of initiatives aiming to increase the awareness of our employees in safety matter. One of such initiatives is the Safety Week, which has been organized since 2004.

It is a global event, taking place in all of Skanska’s Business Units all over the world. Thousands of our employees is trying to work through this week without accidents. We know that the results of this commitment are depending mostly of our workers. Only their acceptation of the goal and attention during their everyday tasks may lead to a success. That is why we are trying to show our people good practices of safe work.

During those seven days we put our emphasize on healthy and safe work. We focus on risks related with working on a construction site and in offices. We show the results of routine and lack of imagination at work. We organize presentations, meeting and training sessions. We share our thoughts concerning the usage, choosing and service of safety gear. We are trying to show our site managers how important in accident-free sites are health and safety meetings held every day. We concentrate on tasks planning in health and safety area. We want those things to become standards on our sites. Out top management members visits our projects and discuss the health and safety issues with their employees. We want all of our people to understand, that safety depends on all of us and that reaching of our “zero accidents” goal, implemented into our strategy is possible. It is mostly our own responsibility whether or not we will every day get back home from work safe and sound.

All actions taken as a part of Safety Week so far have served their purposes. They have shown our employees and subcontractors that they can positively influence the level of safety. They have also proved that there are no accidents without causes and that there would be no causes without us. Carefulness for proper working environment and safe work which is a result of it are top priorities at our site. The goal of the Safety Week is to remind our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and clients of that.

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