Generation Park

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The place connecting people

Generation Park is a complex of three office buildings, located at the Daszyński Roundabout in Warsaw.

We named the buildings with symbols X, Y, Z, referring to successive generations.

We are proud that the Y phase of Generation Park is our first high-rise building in Poland and the tallest Skanska office building in the CEE region (140 m).

Smile towards Wola!

In the Wola district, in other words in the vestibule of Śródmieście district, multiple pathways interweave. Thanks to the excellent location of Generation Park, you can easily get to work by public transport.

Leave your car in the garage. In the nearest surroundings of Generation Park one can use the second metro line (Rondo Daszyńskiego station), trams, buses and suburban railway station (Warszawa Ochota). You also have city bikes at hand!

Generation Park X, Y, Z

A triple power of Generation Park

Creating the complex, we focused on the impact of the workplace on the comfort, health and well-being of its users. We put people and their everyday needs in the spotlight. That’s why we created green spaces between Generation Park buildings and a wooded park in front of them – in order to create a friendly mood in the centre of the city.

The strength of the complex is the synergy of many shopping and entertainment services that are located in all three buildings. These are cafes, restaurants, beauty services, kindergarten and medical center.

To make you feel welcomed


Open space between the buildings

Garden cafe and restaurants

Icon-08.png Green pergols for outdoor meetings and co-working 

Bike infrastructure

Changing rooms, showers, lockers, repair station

Icon-09.png Green concrete reducing smog


Green concrete - our innovative solution

We invite you inside

Have a walk with us! Visit Generation Park Z!


The space of Generation Park X and Z is already successfully used by employees.

See how the buildings and the interior look like.


Photo X: Anatomia Formy / Photo Z: Rafał Tomczyk / Mural photo: Maciej Krüger

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Green Education

Do you want to know more about solutions that we have applied in Generation Park building? We collected them in one place.

Connected by Skanska

Connected by Skanska is a proprietary intelligent building management system which combines innovative technologies in our buildings. You can access it easily – all you need is an app on your mobile phone. It increases the comfort and efficiency of building access system and increases its security.

In Generation Park you will be able to use our intelligent parking system (Activity Based Parking) as well as a virtual reception desk. The Building Access system will allow you to enter the building without the traditional access card.

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