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Space of positive emotions

Spark is an office complex located in the Warsaw district of Wola. It has been designed for the development of the entire neighbourhood. Its functionality is the result of research conducted in collaboration with Na Miejscu and the Project for Public Spaces foundations. The opinion of the local community on space development has resulted in numerous ideas that improve the quality of life.

In Spark, you can find everything you need right in the neighbourhood. The selection of amenities, services and places where you can eat or spend time - perfectly complements the local infrastructure. Spark is also a relaxation and entertainment area accessible to everyone.

Space of new possibilities

Spark complex will consist of three office buildings with a friendly service and public space. The standard of execution, innovative technologies and unconventional space arrangement, make it a unique place for work and entertainment.

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Best location

The Spark complex is located at the intersection of Okopowa Street and "Solidarności" Avenue, which guarantees a fast connection to the city centre and other Warsaw districts.

The convenient location allows you to reach the complex by public transport, whose stops are located close to the complex.

Bus lines: 190, 171, 106, E-2, N42, N91

Tram lines: 1, 9, 13, 14, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

Rondo Daszyńskiego underground station: 8 mins walking distance

Spark is a place where you can feel exceptional

A number of modern solutions make our buildings timeless and easily adaptive to changing conditions. In Spark you will always be one step ahead!

  • unique smart management system Connected by Skanska
  • improved efficiency of parking spaces due to Activity Based Parking
  • parcel terminals
  • visual identification using the Braille alphabet

These are just some of the innovations which will be available in the buildings of our complex. Some of them you can already see in Spark C and B.

Take a virtual walk and find out!

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Building which connects

Spark B is the central building of the complex. It links the office space with the relaxation zone and the open co-working space. You can find here an ATM, parent & child room, electric car charging station. When you exit the building you enter the amphitheatre.

Office area:
16 000 sqm

Parking spots:


Building occupancy permit:

Q1 2019

Space to relax and work

The amphitheatre is located next to the Building B. It is a place full of energy. Used for artistic events as well as for people working in the area and close neighbours, to rest and relax every day.

You can charge your laptop here and use this space to work in the open air.

Get to know the Spark complex

Timeless lobby

Spark B lobby interior design refers to the history of the area.

The design was inspired by the ‘Kercelak’ market – a popular place at Okopowa Steet used for trade and meetings by people living in Wola in the 1940s.

The lobby elements are the same height as the ‘Kercelak’ market stalls and will be located in the manner typical for that place – wooden stalls in irregular rows with numerous passages in between.

The history and future of this place can also be found in the touch monitors located in the lobby.

Spark B lobby 08 (1)
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Spark B lobby 08 (7)
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Spark B lobby 08 (6)
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Spark B lobby 08 (4)
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Spark B lobby 08 (3)
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Spark B lobby 08 (8)
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Connected by Skanska

Connected by Skanska is a proprietary intelligent building management system which combines innovative technologies in our buildings.  You can access it easily – all you need is an app on your mobile phone.  It increases the comfort and efficiency of building access system and increases its security.

In Spark you will be able to use our intelligent parking system as well as a virtual reception desk.  The Building Access system will allow you to enter the building without the traditional access card.

Completing the neighbourhood

Spark A will be the culmination element of the complex; the tower will be the gate to the business centre in Wola .

Next to the building there will be ground level trampolines and water mists to be used by people working in the offices as well as living in the area.

Office area:

38 000 sqm

Parking spots:


Scandinavian design

When designing interiors of our buildings, we are inspired by Scandinavian roots therefore we decided to redefine lobbies in our office buildings. 

Instead of a typical office reception space, we create a friendly and welcoming place which looks like a sommarstuga, a Swedish summer house.

When employees and guests enter our buildings they are welcomed by a warm open space where they can rest and meet friends. Just like in such a Scandinavian summer house, everyone can find a place they like in one of the five zones, each with its distinctive design.


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