New possibilities

Business x creativity

Passion and openness to New expanding perspectives. Welcome to Studio, a place filled with ideas and spirit of continuous development.

Studio is more than an office. It's a vibrant community and the ability to leverage past experiences. Yours and ours.

Disign x human

These offices are like the best studios, well-lit and functional. They do not overwhelm, but harmonize with the planned arrangement. We designed Studio in such a way as to create as many places for cooperation as possible.

Center x peace

Prosta Street. In the middle, but away from the crowds of the city.

The location between two metro stations - Rondo ONZ and Rondo Daszyński - gives you a wide range of access options. Tram, bus or maybe a walk? In the vicinity you will find both a comfortable public transport infrastructure and numerous bicycle paths. The intersection of various communication routes leaves you with a choice. Work the way you like.


Work x life

Balance and harmony. There is room for everything in a good life.

Our architects have combined the industrial style of design with natural materials and greenery. The square that you will pass when you enter the Studio office will not only be a new meeting place, but also your private enclave in the center of Warsaw.

Key data

A well-designed space connects, does not divide.

Directly from our square you will enter the world of culinary inspiration, bars and cafes. The restored Norblin Factory is at your fingertips. Here the history of industrial Warsaw will go together with the latest entertainment offer - an art gallery, museum and cinema.

The Wola district is great. We create it anew together.

Elegance x simplicity

Trends come and go, styles evolve.

You don't have to look up to see the beauty of Studio's architecture. Steel elements of the structure, carved in the form of repeated X letters, make it timeless and recognizable.

In the first place, we put the human scale of buildings, as well as the friendly space between them. After all, this is where the life of the city takes place.

The authors of the Studio project are the Danish studio Arrow Architects and the Polish Grupa 5 Architekci.

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Paulina Strutyńska