eXplore a new destination

Welcome to Studio, a place filled with ideas and a spirit of continuous development. It is more than an office building. It is a vibrant community. A space where our eXperience meets your eXpectations.

Business & Creativity
The offices in Studio have been skilfully designed to address people’s needs. They are well lit and functional. Whatever arrangement you have planned, it will fit in. An ideal space for creativity and cooperation.

Central x Peaceful

In the centric location yet, but away from crowded city.

The location between 2 metro stations: Daszyński and ONZ, offers great accessibility. Tram, bus or maybe a bicycle or a walk? The intersection of various communication routes enhances the choice of sustainable ways of commuting. At the same time, Studio has been designed to make you feel comfortable. On the green square and in cozy nooks and crannies, you will rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

x Studio B (phase I, delivered Q4 2023): Łucka 9 Str., Warsaw

x Studio A (phase II, started Q4 2023, to be delivered Q4 2025): Prosta 28 Str., Warsaw

x Daszyński Roundabout and ONZ Roundabout metro stations (II line): 6-7 min. on foot

x Tram / bus: 10 / 178

Place with benefits

x Prime location in Warsaw

x Easily accessible by foot, bike, metro, bus, tram or car

x Neighborhood of Norblin Factory and Warsaw Brewery 

x Green, open plaza with small architecture

x Green terraces

x Human-centric design

x Iconic Xs in the architecture of the ground floor

x Infrastructure for active people

Key data


NLA of the complex

Studio A: 25 300 sq m

Studio B: 17 600 sq m



Studio A: Prosta 28 Str., Warsaw

Studio B: Łucka 9 Str., Warsaw


Parking spaces / for bikes

Studio A: 201 / 150

Studio B: 83 / 163


Levels offices / underground levels

Studio A: 22 / 4

Studio B: 13 / 3 



Delivery date

Studio A: Q4 2025 (on-going construction)

Studio B: Q4 2023


Complies with certification requirements:

LEED Platinum, WELL Gold, WELL Health-Safety Rating, Object without barriers


Relax in the Studio square in the background of natural, soothing colors. Sit down, make yourself comfortable or start a culinary journey thanks to great gastronomic offer of the Norblin Factory. A well-designed urban space connects people and places.

x Evergreen plants, water elements

x Small architecture, city furniture elements

x Outdoor bicycle racks

x Direct passage connecting Studio with Norblin Factory

x Paving slabs made of anti-smog concrete

x Use of concrete with reduced carbon footprint in the implementation of the foundation slab of the project

Design x Human

Trends come and go, styles evolve. You don't have to look up to see the beauty of our architecture. The steel elements of Studio structure make it timeless and recognizable. Authors of Studio project are the Danish studio Arrow Architects and the Polish Grupa 5 Architekci.


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