Centrum Południe


We create a concept of multifunctional buildings lit with natural light, filled with fresh air and where open atmosphere abounds.  Modern architecture will attract people who value the comfort of working with a good view of Wrocław.

We have created Centrum Południe for and with the people.  We invited local community and together analysed carefully social aspects of the investment.

The New Center

We are placing a new sign on the city business map.  This way we are trying to make urbanists visions come true and create workplaces with great communication system, diverse and available for local communities. Combined with the local infrastructure - hotels, cafes, universities, schools or retail outlets - it shall provide the people with everything they expect.

Centrum Południe combines office, services and recreation functions in one.

On the road with the world

The ul. Powstańców Śląskich street is the main axis of the new centre and one of the city's main arteries. It takes just about a quarter of an hour to get from Centrum Południe to the main motorways. This location is also very well connected with the airport and the railway station.

Access to Centrum Południe by public transport will not be a problem for you - there are tram and bus stops nearby.

Tram lines: 2, 6, 7, 8, 14, 17, 20, 24

Bus lines: 247, 248, 257

With the view over space

We have designed a complex ready to face future challenges. The diverse office environment excites creativity and allows one to find an individual work style, while comfortable settings promote efficiency.

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