Responsible Investments. ESG in Real Estate

It is becoming increasingly clear that sustainable development is not just a trend, but a new way of thinking about business. We can see this in the ThinkCo report “Responsible Investments. ESG on the real estate market”, which is the most up-to-date compendium of knowledge on sustainable development in real estate. The multitude of regulations, concepts, and novelties can be overwhelming. However, it does not exempt us from having to adapt to the increasingly clearly articulated requirements of the environment. Those who manage to do so will remain competitive in the new reality, says Przemysław Chimczak-Bratkowski, partner at ThinkCo.

The report “Responsible Investments. ESG on the real estate market” prepared by the consultancy company ThinkCo, collects in one place the most important information from the point of view of environmentally and socially responsible investments. It explains what sustainable development means, what motivates it, what we struggle with, and which solutions can enable meeting the expectations of the environment. It also explains legal regulations, describes certifications and gives examples of green technologies and inspiration from Poland and the world.

Full report can be downloaded at: www.thinkco.pl

Last updated: 11/30/2022