Skanska Customer Care

Signing a lease agreement is an important moment for us, but we treat it as part of the process. Our dedicated team from the beginning listens to the needs of our clients and provides support during the preparation and transfer of the tenant's space, as well as after its transfer. We provide comfort at all stages of cooperation with our tenants.

Based on our experience in working with clients, we have developed a special Skanska Customer Care program. As part of it, Asset Management Business Partners work with tenants who have signed lease agreements, plan a change of location and then move into their new offices. Coordinators support tenants in a much wider range than is practiced on the market. They are the only contact for clients in all matters regarding the new office and are thus a natural connection between the contractor and future tenants of our offices.

What exactly does Asset Management Business Partner do at Skanska Property Poland?

First of all, it supports tenants after signing a lease agreement, playing a significant role in the process of preparing and handing over the leaseable area. Asset Management Business Partner remains in constant contact with the building manager and project manager responsible for the construction and finishing of the office building. Together with them, it verifies whether the completion of finishing works on the tenants' surfaces corresponds exactly to the agreements and acts as an intermediary in communication with the tenant in this respect. He also coordinates introducing changes of tenants to executive designs and it happens quite often and then Skanska as a developer demonstrating its flexibility and understanding of the client tries to take these changes into account if possible. It is the Asset Management Business Partner that prepares the documentation needed in the process of transferring the area and takes an active part in it. 

Last updated: 1/11/2018