You + WELL in office buildings — how to create healthy buildings and lead a sustainable lifestyle

Most people spend on average 90% of their time indoors. However, few of us wonder how facilities and their interiors influence our health and well-being on a daily basis.

Learn more about 7 aspects of WELL

At Skanska, we know that offices are special places, where hundreds of people meet every day. With their health and convenience in mind, we execute our projects according to the guidelines of one of the most demanding certificates, putting people and their comfort at the center of attention. Thanks to 7 aspects such as: water, light, air, comfort, fitness, nutrition and mind, WELL certificate solutions turn the workplace into a space full of healthy and happy employees.

Get to know an approach for a healthy, effective, satisfying way of life, and techniques for feeling great.

Clean water within reach

Water makes up 2/3 of our body. This chemical compound is an integral part of human life and daily activity — also at work.

Research emphasizes that the quality of drinking water is extremely important to our health. According to the World Health Organization, over 80% of contemporary diseases are caused by the quality of water we consume every day.

Water is our priority; consequently, we are introducing solutions promoted by the WELL certificate in Skanska’s office buildings.

Thanks to implementation of correct filtering techniques and regular quality testing, we have the certainty that the water circulating in our buildings fulfills all standards and is safe for human health. You can safely drink it straight from the tap!

Light in action

According to certain analyses, there are on average 7 hours of sunlight during the day in Poland. Physiologists believe that more light in our lives improves our well-being. This is particularly visible in spring and summer, when many people have much more energy and are livelier.

Natural light also has positive impact on our health — in particular eyesight. At Skanska offices, we make sure that employees have access to sunlight. We also use a special type of lighting that resembles natural light the most and adapts to its intensity indoors.

Did you know that:


appropriate color of light has positive impact on your psyche and well-being?


well-lit rooms can appear larger, cozier and more comfortable?


sun rays boost the production of endorphins, making us feel happier?

Air above standards

Each of us inhales nearly 15,000 liters of air daily — unfortunately, it is not always of good quality.

We cannot avoid breathing harmful substances into our lungs during a walk through the city, but we can influence what type of air we inhale while staying inside buildings.

Air quality is one of the key factors that influence overall assessment of conditions at workplace. This is why we ensure better air quality inside our office buildings. Thanks to implemented filters and ventilation systems, we supply the office interiors with 30 or even 60% more air than required by standards and provisions.

A comfortable building

The sick building syndrome can affect many people. It arises as a result of staying in uncomfortable spaces. Health issues caused by the sick building syndrome relate to thermal aspects, lighting and noise level inside the office.

The sick building syndrome does not concern buildings that apply the principles of the WELL certificate. At Skanska, we know that a healthy building understands the needs of its users. Our offices provide solutions that put people at the center of attention — among others through the possibility of individual adjustment of temperature and lighting or special filters that ensure proper humidity inside rooms and spaces full of soothing greenery.

If the lighting or temperature have negative impact on your work, you can change them using a special application or the light and temperature control panel.

Did you know that


good acoustics are one of the main reasons contributing to employees’ satisfaction with their workplace?


diversity of the office space improves concentration, the level of cooperation and creativity?


plants at the office have positive impact on employees?

A step towards enhanced well-being

As contemporary medicine develops, scientists confirm that physically active people are healthier. They live longer and achieve much better results at work compared to people who lead an inactive lifestyle. However, one does not need to practice performance sports to enjoy good health. Moderate but regular physical activity is sufficient. It means a daily walk or using stairs instead of elevators.

Skanska supports daily physical activity. Our spaces contain spots where you can exercise as well as locker rooms with showers. They will help bicycle enthusiasts make the decision to cycle to work and will prove useful to those who choose their own feet... and running shoes as the means of transport 😊 During a break from work, you can use an outdoor gym or green areas around the building or on its roof. Immediate vicinity of Skanska buildings also features network gyms, swimming pools and other recreational areas.

Food as the source of energy

How our body functions depends to a large extent on what we consume. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. According to research, products rich in essential nutrients improve our cognitive abilities. Regular consumption of nutritious and varied products has a positive effect on the wellbeing of each of us.

Eating regular healthy meals typically decreases occurrence of different types of diseases. This is why we promote the ideas of healthy eating is Skanska buildings. We encourage eating fruit and vegetables, full-grain products and protein-rich foods (such as dairy, eggs or hummus). A nutritious meal gives you not only strength to act, but also provides you with vitamins and minerals, boosts your immunity and energy levels.

Think about your head

Choosing the right colors for a given space, furniture, art and plants in different arrangements — all of it contributes to stress reduction. Variety at the office improves our creativity and inventiveness. We simply feel better.

Appropriate lighting, healthy food and comfortable spaces for interactions with others — all these things impact your well-being at work!

We are introducing many elements and solutions in our buildings that will help you become inspired and reduce your stress levels. We make sure that both rooms and the surroundings of buildings are full of soothing greenery and art in the form of murals and graphics. We apply the principles of so-called Swedish design, which has positive impact on your well-being and motivates you to act.

Did you know that


furniture made — in whole or in part — of natural materials, with wooden elements, creates a sense of relaxation and comfort of use?


plants in offices improve interior aesthetics, boost your mood and support the process of removing pollution?


interactions with nature can restore a person’s health and mental balance?


a single plant within the field of vision is enough to bolster your spirits?

Office wellness certificate

One of the symbols of a healthy office building is the WELL certificate. The certification process involves evaluation of 100 elements in 7 categories: water, light, air, comfort, fitness, nutrition and mind.

Skanska office buildings for which certification is planned include, among others: Spark and Generation Park in Warsaw, Wave in Gdańsk and Centrum Południe in Wrocław.


At Skanska, we believe in balance. We promote a sustainable style of life and work. We create healthy buildings that will support you on your way to improved well-being and more productive and pleasant work.