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Space of positive emotions

Spark is an office complex located in the Warsaw district of Wola. It has been designed for the development of the entire neighbourhood. Its functionality is the result of research conducted in collaboration with Na Miejscu and the Project for Public Spaces foundations. 

In Spark, you can find everything you need right in the neighbourhood. The selection of amenities perfectly complements the local infrastructure. Spark is also a relaxation and entertainment area accessible to everyone.

Space of new possibilities

Currently Spark complex will consist of two office buildings (Spark B and Spark C) with a friendly service and public space. The standard of execution, innovative technologies and unconventional space arrangement, make it a unique place for work and entertainment.

  • parcel machines
  • ATM
  • services
  • bicycle infrastructure
  • placemaking
  • amphitheater
  • art in the lobby
  • murals

Best location

The Spark complex is located at the intersection of Okopowa Street and "Solidarności" Avenue, which guarantees a fast connection to the city centre and other Warsaw districts.

The convenient location allows you to reach the complex by public transport, whose stops are located close to the complex. As many as two subway stations have been built in the area: Plocka and Rondo Daszyńskiego.