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To develop, your company needs not only the four walls and a few office desks, but also the stimulating workspace and the unique environment. If you are seeking modern solutions and the office space filled with the natural energy, you are at the right place. Kapelanka 42 is designed using 21st century technologies, which are discreetly easing your daily work and are environmental friendly. Comfortable and efficient surroundings, created for business is a source of energy and cost savings and the true pleasure.

Kapelanka 42 is one of our buildings, created with the solicitude for the natural environment – from the very first project, through the building process, to the utilization. As the confirmation, the building is LEED Gold certified.

Kraków is a cultural capital of Poland as well as the heart of the modern business. History meets modernity here and the unique atmosphere of the city attracts the investors and the talented workers.

In Kraków – the most popular academic city of Poland – peaceful atmosphere of the past is parallel with contemporary life. Beautiful Old City, charming streets and many monuments are contributing for a special image of this place. Because of that Kraków is so popular – not only among the tourists, but also amongst the young, dynamic and talented people, who are the valuable workforce here.

There are still new chapters being added to the history of this city. On the map of Poland, Kraków is the second business center, right after Warsaw, with resilient companies and a huge market of modern office space.

In Kraków, there is a well developed net of city communication, which makes life a lot easier. An access to the key roads and railways makes a great connection between the city and the rest of the country, as well as Europe. Business has no limits here. Second biggest international airport – Kraków-Balice, is a true window on the rest of the world.

From the early morning, Kraków is filled with energy of working companies and lots of restaurants and cafés. And when the day has come to an end, the city takes the second breath and starts a night life.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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