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Centrum Południe is a complex of five buildings located in Powstańców Śląskich Street. It combines office, service and recreational functions.

We have created a concept of multifunctional buildings, which will be filled with natural light, fresh air and friendly, open atmosphere. With modern architecture we want to attract people who appreciate the comfort of working in unique places.

Centrum Południe in numbers



The second phase of Centrum Południe is the next stage of our investment based on modern solutions. Technologies allowing to save water by more than a half, green energy or a basketball court are only some of them. We want not only to increase the comfort of the building, but also to change the neighbourhood for the better for the local residents.

Not only the office

New center


The axis of the new center is one of the main thoroughfares of the city - Powstańców Śląskich Street. TIt is one of the most dynamically developing districts of the city distinguished by a large amount of greenery. One of the longest Linden Alleys in Poland stretches along Centrum Południe.

The location of Centrum Południe is exceptional not only because of the surrounding greenery, but also because of the proximity of the Main Railway Station, the Old Town and the Main Square. We can get there in just 15 minutes.



Close by tram, comfortable by bike


Thirteen tram lines and five bus lines make getting to the complex by public transport easy and convenient. Cyclists will also be satisfied. One of the most frequented bicycle lanes runs along Centrum Południe. Almost a thousand cyclists use it every day.

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Skanska supports cyclists


Bike racks


Repair stations


Dedicated locker rooms and showers


Bicycle elevator

For the planet


Centrum Południe is a sustainable building:

ikona_woda2.png thanks to gray water installation, we save even more than 50% of water
ikona_freecooling.png freecooling system uses the coolness of the outside air, which significantly reduces the energy used for cooling rooms

use of LED lamps on all floors reduces energy consumption by up to 50%


Towards the sun


The shape of the buildings and the layout of the facades ensure adequate daylight in each building. The surfaces are illuminated with up to 95 percent soft daylight. This high proportion has a positive effect on our well-being and productivity.

Timeless style

Combining the best design practices, the principles of sustainable development and technological innovation, we offer our customers solutions that support their present and future needs. 

Centrum Południe features a Scandinavian-style lobby, multifunctional spaces for relaxation, bio-diverse green spaces, all presented by a timeless facade.

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