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Centrum Południe is a complex of five buildings located in Powstańców Śląskich Street. It combines office, service and recreational functions.

We have created a concept of multifunctional buildings, which will be filled with natural light, fresh air and friendly, open atmosphere. With modern architecture we want to attract people who appreciate the comfort of working in unique places.

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The second phase of Centrum Południe is the next chapter of our investment based on modern standards. Inspiration of the city's history combined with innovative space completes the urban panorama giving residents new possibilities. 

Our project is not just a building. It is the beginning of new friendships, passions or work. A space that above all is to serve the community and meet its needs.

New center

The axis of the new center is one of the main thoroughfares of the city - Powstańców Śląskich Street. The complex is within a short walk to the railroad station. If you want to visit Wroclaw's Market Square and the historic Old Town, you can get there from Centrum Południe in just 15 minutes!

Getting to the complex by public transport will not be a problem for you - there are streetcar and bus stops nearby.


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Skanska supports cyclists

For the planet

Centrum Południe is a sustainable building:

ikona_woda2.png thanks to gray water installation, we save even more than 50% of water
ikona_freecooling.png freecooling system uses the coolness of the outside air, which significantly reduces the energy used for cooling rooms

use of LED lamps in public places reduces energy consumption by up to 50%

100% of Centrum Południe's energy comes from renewable sources

WELL for health

Centrum Południe is the first building in Wrocław to receive the WELL certificate.

It was designed to provide natural light, clean air, clean water, wholesome food, proper temperature, support for physical and mental health. Proper conditions increase work efficiency, and above all, the comfort of the people staying in the facility. 

Towards the sun

The elevation is designed to provide the optimal amount of daylight in each of the buildings and, at the same time, prevent it from being too bright. That helps to reduce the amount of artificial lightning used in the building – and what is more, daylight access reduces stress and positively affects your mood.

Timeless style

Trends come and go, and style evolves. Futureproof is a symbol that defines all values that make Skanska trustworthy partner. Combining the best design practices, the principles of sustainable development and technological innovation, we offer our customers solutions that support their present and future needs. 


Centrum Południe features a Scandinavian-style lobby, multifunctional spaces for relaxation, bio-diverse green spaces, all presented by a timeless facade.

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