Construction of the Pelplin bypass

  • Pelplin bypass
  • Pelplin bypass

The Pelplin bypass has joined country road No. 1 with the A-1 motorway, along the voivodeship road No. 229. The bypass, 4,3 km in length, starts with a roundabout in the suburbs on the side of the town of Rudno, then it turns into a viaduct (72 meter long) to pass over railway line and after that it continues as a bridge (80 meter long) over the Wierzyca river. The bypass ends with a roundabout outside the town. Two crossings with voivodeship road No. 230 and a local road heading for Klonówka have also been executed. A pedestrian-bicycle pavement will be realized alongside the whole length of the bypass.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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