Guest internet access

Guest internet access is a service, provided by IT Department Skanska S.A for external users, who needs Internet access.

Do not expect privacy, Skanska S.A. preserves the right to monitor all the users' network connections and activities when using the service. All the connections are subject to be monitored against unwanted content and compliance with Skanska's information security policies. Disclosure of the credentials, used for authentication to the service, is strictly forbidden. Any violation or incompliance with acceptable usage policy will result in lockout of user account in the service and will be reported to the sponsor.

User's support

Support is provided by
the HelpDesk Skanska S.A.,
tel. +48 22 561 3200

Acceptable usage policy

  1. Internet access must be used in proper and secure way:
    a) User must exercise due care to ensure that his computer is not used for spreading malicious software (viruses, worms), unsolicited messages (spam), etc. This can be achieved by using up-to-date antivirus software, host firewall, etc and refraining from visiting malicious or suspicious web sites and downloading untrusted software.
    b) User must not download, distribute or share any software or content which is against the law, indecent or may negatively impact other users or infrastructure.
  2. The user is fully responsible for all the activities in the network, initiated from her/his computer.
  3. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to:
    a) Download, distribute or share any content (movies, music, etc) protected by copyright law.
    b) Download, distribute or share any software that may be used for malicious activities (hacking, cracking, interception, etc) or any software that may have potential negative impact on other users or infrastructure.
    c) Attempt any intrusion activities like hacking, cracking, phishing, sniffing, etc. that may negatively impacts other users or infrastructure.
    d) Send unsolicited messages - "spam".
    e) Download, publish, distribute or share and indecent, unlawful, offensive content or content that is commonly considered as inappropriate, in particular: racists, pornography, violence, threats, drugs, software piracy, etc.
    f) Downloading the content that may result in excessive bandwidth usage (Internet TV, radio You Tube, other streaming media).
    g) Act in other way that may negatively impact reputation of Skanska S.A.
  4. In case of any doubts or questions whether certain activities are acceptable, should you contact the HelpDesk Skanska S.A. 
Last updated: 9/12/2017