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Elegant in its simplicity, functional and attracting attention office building is situated in the very center of Wrocław – nearby the Universities and historical heart of the city. Green2Day is the answer to the needs of the young, talented people who always stay online with their mobile devices and communicators. The new investment will connect the variety of people, diverse ideas and creative actions and will become the new place on the city map.

Green2Day boasts an excellent location with outstanding neighbors, just next to its kindred office building Green Day. Both buildings are located in an exceptionally attractive part of central Wrocław. Nestled comfortably between the botanical garden, the historical Tumski Island and the lively Grunwaldzki Square, they offer unmatched diversity of attractions and possibilities. The areas near the investments – boulevards, botanical gardens are the great places to have a walk and are loved by the citizens of Wrocław and the tourists that come here.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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