Renovation of the viaduct along the Jan z Kolna Street in Gdansk

Additional information

The bridge was equipped with LED illuminating lighting programmed in 5 colour lighting scenes linking to colours of the city of Gdansk). Illumination can been watch every day from 9 p.m. to 1a.m.

On access to viaduct we’ve done decorative concrete walls with stone boards attached. People can read the year of construction, reconstruction and the name of “Olive Gate”. Before the viaduct cut and painted by Skanska monument of historic viaduct knot was placed. Similar monument is going to be placed on the area of Gdansk University of Technology when second viaduct knot was delivered.


Project In figures:

Type of viaduct: steel viaduct

Width of the platform: 10m

Total width of the bridge: 14m

Length in the axes of supports: 53m

Surface of the bridge: 538 square meters

Number of spans: 1

Length of span: 53m

Dismantling of the old steel construction: 133,5 tons

Installation of new steel construction: 136,5 tons

Corrosion protection: 1610square meters

Renovation of two historic abutments: 270square meters

Covering concrete elements with the clinker brick: 252 square meters

Regeneration of the 4 exsisting cast-iron bearings

Renovation of exsisting railings: 108mb

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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