Air traffic control tower in Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport

  • Air traffic control tower in Jasionka
  • Air traffic control tower in Jasionka
  • Air traffic control tower in Jasionka
  • Air traffic control tower in Jasionka
  • Air traffic control tower in Jasionka

At the request of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency Skanska has built new air traffic control tower in Jasionka Airport with full administrative and technical area. Investment lasted for 11 months included all construction and finishing works without furniture and equipment.

New Air Traffic Control Center of usable area of more than 1,7 thousand square meters and cubature of 9,8 thousand cubic meters consist of two parts: six storey air traffic control tower and two storey administrative and technical area. Elevation made of titanium zinc plated sheet steel provides  modern look of tower.

The highest floor of the tower is used as a operational level. Glazed walls provides 360 degree of visibility. Materials used in the operating room don’t make any reflections. Other levels are used for offices, technical, social facilities. There are also coatrooms, archive, sanitary facilities and training room. Basement level is used for the ventilation and pump room. Lower part is dedicated for offices, conference room, boiler room, archive and garrages.

Improving working conditions for air traffic controllers

Investment with value of 14,7 million Polish zloty will improve controllers comfort of work and passengers safety. So far air traffic controllers worked in old ( constructed in 70s) tower with a height of 11 meters. Old object didn’t provide proper working conditions. Controllers are responsible for the safety of planes taking off  and landing at Jasionka Airport and for the work of all airport services.

In controllers work height of their workplace and the location of the tower is very important. New towet is three times higher than the old one. Object is 33 meters high and the operational level is designed at the height of 27,6 meters. Tower was built on the land between the old and the new departure terminal, in the front of taxiways and near the apron. Both the height and location will improve working conditions.

Strategic investment

New air traffic control Tower is another strategic investment for the Subcarpathian Airport ang whole Subcarpathian area completed by Skanska. Our company  has built a new passenger terminal, an apron and plane’s deicing platform.

Technical information:

  • height of the tower: 33 meters
  • cubature: 9,8 thousand cubic meters
  • usable area: 1,7 thousand square meters


Last updated: 8/16/2017

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