Reconstruction of the bridge over the San river in Rajskie

  • Bridge in Rajskie
  • Bridge in Rajskie
  • Bridge in Rajskie

In 2011 Skanska rebuilt  the bridge in Rajskie,  small town at the south of Poland. Bridge is located along the provincial road no 894 Hoczew - Czarna running around Solinskie Lake - so called Bieszczady’s  small loop.

Bridge built in 1966-1967 was in a very bad technical condition (only one renovation was carried out in 1985 and focused on sidewalks). Poor condition of the bridge caused traffic congestion for several months. In 2010 one side of the bridge was excluded from the operation  and some restrictions were made:  capacity of 10 tons and speed limited to 30km per hour.

Unfortunately this resulted in further degradation All traffic focused on one road had its results in further bridge degradation. Temporary repairs could not guarantee the safety of road users. There was no  certainty that bridge will be passable in the next tourist season.  

Investor – Podkarpacki Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich w Rzeszowie has called for tender  on reconstruction the bridge. The bridge was to be excluded from the traffic for the whole duration of works. All traffic was directed to diversions. It helped us to execute  bridge works and allowed to shorten the duration of the investment. Two weeks before contract delivery date bridge was opened and put into use.

Benefits for the community

Thanks to the investment Bieszczdy’s bypass has gained the renewed and safe three-spans crossing of the San river.  The capacity increased  of 50 tons, what classified the object in the highest capacity class A by PN-85/S-10030.  The project has improved safety and comfort of road users.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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