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Before the investment hall was used as single storey object. After the renovation hall has gained the secondo floor used as a classrooms. Administrative facilities are located at the ground floor. Wide corridors with the main two-storey lobby leading to each room makes up passageways. To get to the classromms  students go through the footbridges with empty space remained between. This allows the light coming through the sawtooth roof supplemented by skylights for an better explosure of classrooms and communications spacer, included the ground floor. Windows are only on the ground floor.

Industrial nature of the building is emphasise by an exterior stairs.  Beams and pillars supporting the object have been preserved. Air handling units are installed outsider the building.


Project in figures

  • gross covered area: 5 128 m kw.
  • usable area : 8 378 m kw.        
  • total area: 10 256 m kw.       
  • cubature: 42 400 m sześc.
  • parking spaces: 273                  
  • area of parking spaces and road:: 8 969 m kw.
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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