Construction of sports and rehabilitation infrastructure in Special Purpose School and Education Cen

Constructing the project

Indoor swimming pool and gyms
The object consists of 3 parts. In the basement, in the two-storey swimming pool part there is an entrance hall and lifts. Above the basement there is a swimming pool with the dimensions 25 m x 8,5 m. In the ground floor part there is a gym with dimensions c.a. 24 m x 17 m and corrective exercises gym. There are also teachers' rooms, a fitness club and sports equipment storage rooms. Third part of the building is a small one-storey utility segment.
External sports infrastructure
On the center premises Skanska realized a football pitch with surface made of synthetic grass (1 046 m³), a track with polyurethane surface (600 m²), a run-up for triple jump and long jump (142 m²), equipment for high jump (212 m²) and multi-functional sports pitch (624 m²). Moreover, the contract included arrangement of green areas, construction of communication passageways and paths made of concrete blocks.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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