Reconstruction of national Road no 5 from Trzebnica to Wroclaw

  • national Road no 5
  • national Road no 5
  • national Road no 5

Skanska rebuilt 12, 5 km of the national Road no 5 on the section from Trzebnica to the border of the Wroclaw city. The only road from Wroclaw to Poznan was in the very bad condition and needed immediate repair. Renovation was done in 18 months, all works were carried out at the open traffic and any inconvenience was limited to minimum. Part of road renovated by Skanska runs through not a built up area and also through places: Będkowo, Wysoki Kościół, Wisznia Mała, Ligota Piękna, Kryniczno i Psary.

Within the contract Skanska laid down the new surface on the whole length of 12, 5 km. Side of the road have been strengthened and extended. Cyclists gained bicycle paths separated from the road, pedestrians gained new sidewalks. Bus bays have also been modernized, we built 18 new bus shelters. On hills we built additional road lane for trucks.


Last updated: 8/16/2017

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