Wrocław University Library

Project in numbers

Skanska realized complete finishing works of the library building, facade works, roof works, electrical works, internal and external networks as well as development of areas adjacent to the Library. We placed more than 18,600 square meters of grey sandstone cladding, which is an area more than 2,5 times bigger than that of a pitch at the new Maślice stadium in Wrocław. We mounted 13,100 square meters of suspended ceilings of various types and installed 800 pcs. of doors. The length of steel and plastic pipelines designed for various purposes exceeded  41 km, i.e. more than the length of the newly constructed Wrocław Motorway Bypass, whereas 444 km of electrical installation and low voltage installation cabling is more in length than the section of A4 motorway from Wrocław to Rzeszów. More than 6 800 pcs. of sprinkler heads, 730 heaters, 430 fire dampers, 16 650 square meters of ventilation ducts, 1 700 pcs. of smoke detectors, 8 850 pcs. of light fittings and 1 098 speakers of the Emergency Sound System are numbers which prove the range of this investment.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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