Reconstruction of national road No. 4 on the section Pilzno - Ropczyce

Constructing the project

Within the realization period of 34 months we reconstructed the following objects: 23 km section of road, 6 bridge facilities, 34 culverts, 34 crossings with voivodeship and local roads and 20 bus bays. We erected 5 km of acoustic screen panels, 2 roundabouts, 16 km of sidewalks and 5,5 km of service roads. Within the investment we also reconstructed gas, sewerage systems, water supply, power supply and communication networks. We installed 5 storm rain water purification separators and planted 5,7 000 trees and bushes. All the works were realized on a functioning state road.
The contract included reconstruction of two crossings in Dębica: with Wielkopolska, Krakowska and Gumniska streets, on which two roundabouts were realized. The roundabouts are 50 m and 40 m in diameter and they will facilitate access to the state road; they are also equipped with special lanes for oversize vehicles.
Reconstruction of viaduct and 5 other bridge facilities was a signiicant part of this investment. Construction of a new 187-meter carriagewy over the Wisłoka river in the town of Łabuzie near Pilzno was the most difficult technological part of engineering works. Two parallel bridges were realized with the use of cantilevering method, which was implemented for the first time ever in the Podkarpacie region. This method consists in realizing the so called starting segment first and then building the remaining sections of the bridge on both sides simultaneously.
In the town of Latoszyn on the Ostra river we realized another two parallel bridge facilities, each of them 49 meter in length. We also reconstructed a 30-meter bridge over the Zawadka river in the town of Zawada and a 43-meter viaduct over Gajowa street.While realizing reconstruction works over the Gajowa street, we executed a temporary facility which enabled to preserve continuous traffic operation on the state road.

The project in figures

Technical data:

  • earthworks: 230 000 m³
  • subbases: 770 000 m²
  • surfaces: 570 m²
  • horizontal marking: 27 000 m²
  • prefabricated sewers: 20 000 m

Modernized road sections:

  • section nagawczyna: Ropczyce: 9,012 km
  • section Pilzno - Nagawczyna: 14,087 km
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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