Shopping arcades Tesco in Bielsko-Biała

Constructing the project

Construction of shopping arcades in Tesco in Bielsko - Biała started in March 2008 and lasted for 24 weeks. The experience we gained during realization of shopping arcades in Rzeszów one year earlier proved to be very useful. Scope of works included disassembly, installation and construction works. We relocated installations and supply networks and realized externl road works. The object we realized in Bielsko - Biała is a one-storey building with no basement. Shopping arcades are based on steel structure covered with folded sheet. The interiors are finished with floors and aluminium door framework. On account of structure and the standard of finishing works this object is very similar to the one realized in Rzeszów with only one difference - it was not founded on piles but on reinforced concrete footing. Another innovation was the fountain installed in the shopping arcades.

The project in figures

• developed area of the extended part: 5 948 m²
• shopping area: 4 101 m²
• cubic capacity of the designed part: 44 872 m³
• maximum height of the arcades: 10,5 m
• length of the arcades: 157 m
• number of parking lots: 565

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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