Indoor swimming pool "Otylia" in Strzyżów

  • Indoor swimming pool in Strzyzów
  • Indoor swimming pool in Strzyzów
  • Indoor swimmnig pool in Strzyzów
  • Indoor swimming pool in Strzyzów

Recreation and Rehabilitation Centre "Otylia" in Strzyżów is one of the finest objects of this type in the whole Podkarpacie region. Ably integrated into the landscape of Strzyżów, the building is divided into sports and rehabilitation part. The sports part was named "Otylia" in honour of the famous Polish swimmer.


  • 1st place in competition of Polish Association of Construction Engineer"Construction of the Year 2006 in Podkarpacie" for high quality of realized works and used materials as well as adaptation of the body and fittings of the object to its performance functions.
  • The award of distinction in Competition DOM 2006 in the category "sports and recreation objects"
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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