Indoor swimming pool "Otylia" in Strzyżów

Constructing the project

The building was seated on concrete strip and pad footing, placed and reinforced with steel. External walls were made of structural clay tiles, polystyrene foam and chequer bricks and the internal walls of structural clay tiles placed on cement mortar. The roof was realized in three different structures: the roof over the swimming pool is a wooden structure borne by trusses made of manufactured plywood, the roof covering back facilities is made of manufactured plywood beams and the roof over a part of the attic is a reinforced concrete structure. Swimming pool and recreation pool basins are partly made of reinforced concrete and partly prefabricated. The recreation part of the swimming pool is entirely made as a monolithic reinforced concrete structure due to its complex shape.
Apart from construction works we realized water supply, sanitary and power supply service lines together with sanitary sewerage, power supply and mechanical ventilation systems and gas boiler room and solar energy collectors.
There are two pools in the sports part of the object. The main swimming pool is a standard 25 x 12,5 m basin with 6 courses. The other one is a training pool with dimensions 8 x 12,5 m and depth varying from 0,9 to 1,2 m. It is connected to the recreation part including "wild river"and aeration bed and a few immersed geysers. Another attraction is external slide 62 meters in length.
Rehabilitation rooms occupy 400 m² and include kinesitherapy, physical therapy and hydrotherapy as well as administrative back office, reception desk, dressing rooms and sanitary and staff facilities.

The project in figures

  • cubic capacity 27 485 m²
  • developed area: 2397 m²
  • usable area: 4669 m²
  • road lane area: 878 m²
  • sidewalks area: 1094 m²
  • parking area: 240 m²
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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