Modernization of the voivodeship road No. 992 between Krempna and Ożenna

  • Voivodeship road No. 992
  • Voivodeship road No. 992
  • Bridge in route of voivodeship road No. 992

The 14 km long section of road No. 992 modernized by Skanska is located in Niski Beskid region. This is an attractive tourist region, with parks and natural preserves, spas, hiking and bike tracks, museums and national monuments. The road runs through Krempna and Grab to border crossing in Ożenna open for tourists, bikers and skiers.

Benefits for the community

Modernized road No. 992 provides an easy access to most attractive areas of Beskid Niski, ensures comfortable and safe driving and safety for pedestrians. As a result of the investment, local community has also been provided with convenient transportation to offices and institutions located in Krempna.
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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