Regional Centre of Borderland Cultures in Krosno

Constructing the project

Construction of Regional Centre of Borderland Cultures was related to execution of a wide scope of construction, installation and electrical works. The contract included demolition of the central part of the existing building of the Community Centre in Krosno, modernization of the main and rear wing and erection of a new object consolidated with the existing development. In the newly constructed three- and four-storey wing there is an entrance to the theatre and cinema hall, cloakroom, foyer and a new auditorium. The auditorium has the dimensions 27,7 m x 21,6 m and varying height from 10,38 m to 13,9 m. It has 593 seats on the ground floor and 104 additional seats on the balcony. Due to the prevailing theatrical and performance function of the auditorium, the aspect of acoustics required particular care and accuracy in realization. We used wall linings characterised by various acoustic parameters, which absorb or reverberate sound depending on the way they were placed on the wall. We installed lighting platform all around the whole auditorium on the height of 11,2 m and another platform in the face of the balcony. Two lighting columns were installed on side balconies. The most important element of the auditorium is the stage with the dimensions 19,2 m x 16,2 m x 20,2 m. Above the stage there are two levels of lighting platforms (on 8,95 m and 13,45 m respectively). Between the stage and the auditorioum there is the so called proscenium, i.e. orchestra pit situated deeper than the lowest level of the floor by 1,65 m.

The project in figures

  • usable area: 6 067,5 m²
  • developed area: 2 672,4 ,m² 
  • cubic capacity: 45 549 m³ 
  • sidewalks area: 1 862 m² 
  • road and parking area: 924 m²
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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