Renovation of national road No 9 on the section Widełka - Głogów Małopolski

Constructing the project

We applied cold recycling technology to save money and time. This technology does not require closing the road for traffic; as a result we were able to save materials, cost of transport and reduce the impact on the environment.
We were able to strengthen the pavement to 115 kN/axle. The roadway was widened to 7 m. We also renovated drainage ditches, culverts, bus bays, access roads, sidewalks, parking bays and maneuver roadways as well as truck weighing center. We installed energy-saving barriers at culverts and renovated three intersections with local roads.
During the entire project, the objective was to minimize inconvenience for the drivers. We were able to meet the challenge due to cold recycling technology as well as modern equipment, shuttle traffic with light signaling and appropriate signage.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

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