Renovation of state road No. 9 between Tarnowska Wola and Nowa Dęba.

Constructing the project

The scope of our work included a roundabout, lighting, tree cutting as well as sign and traffic control system design. We renovated sidewalks and crosswalks within the roundabout, bus bays, culverts, drainage ditches. We strengthened the shoulders with aggregate; renovated access roads, installed energy-saving barriers and road signs. Horizontal signage with cat’s eyes helped increase traffic safety, particularly in poor weather conditions and at night. A great challenge was to minimize traffic disturbances. We were able to meet the challenge due to cold recycling technology as well as modern equipment, shuttle traffic with light signaling and appropriate signage.

The project in figures

  • roundabout external diameter 40 m
  • roundabout island diameter – 27 m
  • roundabout roadway width – 4,5m
  • triangle directional islands – 15 long maximum width – 4 m
  • 2 traffic lanes
  • roadway width 7 – 9 m
  • shoulder width – 1 m
Last updated: 8/16/2017

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