Construction of Biecz bypass in route of national road No. 28

  • Biecz bypass by night
  • Bridge over Sitniczanka river
  • Biecz bypass
  • Biecz bypass
  • Biecz bypass
  • Biecz bypass
  • Bridge over Ropa river
  • Biecz bypass

Biecz is a 750-year old historic town located in the south of Poland, in the Lower Beskid mountains. Due to its rich history and many fragments of buildings and town walls dating back to the Middle Ages, Biecz tends to be called "a little Cracow", the pearl of Podkarpackie province or the Polish Carcassone.
Each day, more than 6 000 vehicles, including trucks and heavy lorries, were passing through narrow and winding city streets. In conditions of limited visibility resulting from dense urban development, such traffic volume was a risk to the inhibitants and drivers. Additionally, exhaust fumes, vibrations and noise adversely affected the valuable Biecz historic monuments.
In April 2007 Skanska commenced construction of a long-awaited ring road. In less than 18 months we realized over 5-kilometre long city bypass. The investment valued at more than 97 mllion PLN included execution of a single carriageway, two retaining walls and five bridge structures.

Benefits for the community

The Biecz bypass was contstructed in the route of the longest national road running through the Małopolskie Province. Thanks to the new road all transit traffic was moved outside the town centre, which significantly improved the comfort of everyday life for the local inhibitants, shortened the travel time through Biecz and reduced the emission of exhaust fumes.



In December 2007 we were awarded by our Investor with the title of the "Partner of the Year 2007" and the Golden Shovel statuette. This award is an expression of gratitude for fast and efficient project execution and good cooperation with the Investor.

In May 2009 our project won in the "Road and Bridge Construcion of the year 2008" competition, organized by the Rzeszow Branch of the Polish Association of Engineers and Communication Technicians.


Last updated: 8/16/2017

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